Reviews 2009

Book reviews 2009

Missing by Karin Alvtegen (Euro Crime, April)

Shadow by Karin Alvtegen (Euro Crime, March)

Betrayal by Karin Alvtegen (Euro Crime, June)

True Murder by Yaba Badoe (Euro Crime, November)

Skin and Bones by Tom Bale (Petrona, January)

A Place of Safety by Helen Black (Euro Crime, February)

Three Weeks to Say Goodbye by C. J. Box (Petrona, December)

City of Fear by Alafair Burke (Petrona, February)

The Paper Moon by Andrea Camilleri (Picador blog, January)

August Heat by Andrea Camilleri (Euro Crime, July)

The Twilight Time by Karen Campbell (Euro Crime, March)

After the Fire by Karen Campbell (Euro Crime, May)

Sworn to Silence by Linda Castillo (Petrona, November)

Gone Tomorrow by Lee Child (Euro Crime, July)

Red Bones by Ann Cleeves (Euro Crime, May)

The Crow Trap by Ann Cleeves (Petrona, September)

Hold Tight by Harlan Coben (Petrona, January)

Long Lost by Harlan Coben (Petrona, May)

The Scarecrow by Michael Connelly (Petrona, May)

Nine Dragons by Michael Connelly (Petrona brief, October)

No Escape by N. J. Cooper (Euro Crime, November)

Suffer the Children by Adam Creed (Euro Crime, August)

Burial by Neil Cross (Euro Crime, January)

Frozen Tracks by Ake Edwardson (Euro Crime, August)

Dead Lovely by Helen Fitzgerald (Euro Crime, June)

My Last Confession by Helen Fitzgerald (Euro Crime, August)

Inspector Singh Investigates: A most peculiar Malaysian murder by Shamini Flint (Petrona, June)

The Water’s Edge by Karin Fossum (Euro Crime, July)

Island of the Naked Women by Inger Frimansson (Euro Crime, July)

Good Night, My Darling by Inger Frimansson (Euro Crime, October)

The Shadow in the Water by Inger Frimansson (Euro Crime, November)

Thumbprint by Friedrich Glauser (Petrona, November)

The Coroner by M. R. Hall (Euro Crime, January)

The Sinner by Petra Hammesfahr (Petrona, April)

The Lie by Petra Hammesfahr (Euro Crime, October)

The Other Half Lives by Sophie Hannah (Euro Crime, March)

Skin by Mo Hayder (Euro Crime, March)

Just Take My Heart by Mary Higgins Clark (Petrona, September)

Out of a Clear Sky by Sally Hinchcliffe (Euro Crime, April)

The Darkest Hour by Katherine Howell (Petrona, November)

Hypothermia by Arnaldur Indridason (Euro Crime, October)

Dead Tomorrow by Peter James (Euro Crime, June)

To Steal Her Love by Matti Joensuu (Euro Crime, November)

Half Broken Things by Morag Joss (Euro Crime, April)

A Lonely Place/Unknown by Mari Jungstedt (Euro Crime, February)

Dark Times in the City by Gene Kerrigan (Euro Crime, June)

Publish or Perish by Margot Kinberg (Petrona, October)

The Preacher by Camilla Lackberg (Petrona, July)

The Girl who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson (Euro Crime, January)

The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest by Stieg Larsson (Euro Crime, October)

Millennium trilogy (brief) by Stieg Larsson (Petrona, November).

City of the Sun by David Levien (Petrona, December).

Executive Privilege by Philip Margolin (Petrona, April)

Body Count by P. D. Martin (Petrona, June)

Core of Evil by Nigel McCreary (Euro Crime, November)

A Darker Domain by Val McDermid (Petrona, April)

Fever of the Bone by Val McDermid (Euro Crime, September)

Bleed a River Deep by Brian McGilloway (Euro Crime, April)

Blood Safari by Deon Meyer (Euro Crime, December)

The Southern Seas by Manuel Vazquez Montalban (Petrona, November)

Go to Helena Handbasket by Donna Moore (Euro Crime, March)

Nemesis by Jo Nesbo (brief) (Petrona, July)

The Redeemer by Jo Nesbo (Petrona, July)

The Mind’s Eye by Hakan Nesser (Euro Crime, May)

Back to the Coast, by Saskia Noort (Euro Crime, September)

Doors Open by Ian Rankin (Petrona brief, October)

Wicked Prey by John Sandford (Petrona, November)

Consorts of Death by Gunnar Staalesen (Euro Crime, November)

Lullaby by Claire Seeber (Euro Crime, May).

Bloodprint by Kitty Sewell (Euro Crime, February)

Ice Cold by Andrea Maria Schenkel (Euro Crime, May)

The Abominable Man by Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo (Euro Crime, January)

Genesis by Karin Slaughter (Petrona, July)

Shooting Star by Peter Temple (Petrona, May)

The Darkest Room by Johan Theorin (Euro Crime, August)

The Herring Seller’s Apprentice by L. C. Tyler (Euro Crime, February)

The Chalk Circle Man by Fred Vargas (Petrona, July)

Close Up by Esther Verhoef (Euro Crime, September)

The Trophy Taker by Lee Weeks (Euro Crime, January)

The Trafficked by Lee Weeks (Euro Crime, May)

Dead Time by Stephen White (Petrona, August)