Book reviews 2012

Disgrace by Jussi Adler-Olsen (Petrona, May) 3

Attack in the Library by George Arion (Petrona, January) 3

Blood Falls by Tom Bale (Euro Crime, March) 2

The Accident by Linwood Barclay (Petrona, February) 3

Track of the Cat by Nevada Barr (Petrona, June) 2.5

Cold Comfort by Quentin Bates (Euro Crime, June) 2.5

Finders Keepers by Belinda Bauer (Euro Crime, January) 2.5

Bone and Cane by David Belbin (Petrona, March) 3

Amuse Bouche by Anthony Bidulka (Petrona, June) 2.5

Talking to the Dead by Harry Bingham (Petrona, August) 3

Dead Scared by S J Bolton (Petrona, February) 3.5

Deadly Appearances by Gail Bowen (Petrona, May) 3.5

Murder at the Mendel by Gail Bowen (Petrona, July) 3.5

The Wandering Soul Murders by Gail Bowen (Petrona, August) 3.5

A Colder Kind of Death by Gail Bowen (Petrona, August) 3.5

Force of Nature by C J Box (Petrona, April) 3.5

Long Gone by Alafair Burke (Petrona, February) 2

Mildred Pierce by James M. Cain (Petrona, July) 4

The Potter’s Field by Andrea Camilleri (Euro Crime, April) 4

The Age of Doubt by Andrea Camilleri (Euro Crime) 3

The Last Girl by Jane Casey (Petrona, June) 3

Babylon by Camilla Ceder (Euro Crime, October) 4

The Glass Room by Ann Cleeves (Euro Crime, February) 3

Stay Close by Harlan Coben (Bookgeeks, April) 2.5

Hurt Machine by Reed Farrel Coleman (Petrona, January) 2

Lifeblood by N J Cooper (Petrona, April) 3

Face of the Devil by N. J. Cooper (Petrona, May) 3

Vengeance in Mind by N J Cooper (Petrona, June) 3.5

Taken by Robert Crais (Bookgeeks, May) 3

Gone in Seconds by A. J. Cross (Petrona, July) 2.5

I Will Have Vengeance by Maurizio de Giovanni (Euro Crime, March) 2.5

Trial of Passion by William Deverell (Petrona, March) 3

Sail of Stone by Ake Edwardson (Petrona, August) 3.5

Pierced by Thomas Enger (Petrona, July) 4

The Brotherhood by Y A Erskine (Petrona, February) 4

Death in a Cold Climate by Barry Forshaw (Euro Crime, February) 2.5

In The Darkness by Karin Fossum (Petrona, August) 4

Tuesday’s Gone by Nicci French (Petrona, May) 4

Broken Harbour by Tana French (Petrona, April) 4

The Gingerbread House by Carin Gerhardsen (Petrona, June) 3

Missing Persons by Nicci Gerrard (Petrona, June) 2.5

The Camera Killer by Thomas Glavinic (Petrona, August) 2.5

Bloodland by Alan Glynn (Petrona, February) 4

V is for Vengeance by Sue Grafton (Petrona, February) 3.5

Some Kind of Peace by Camilla Grebe and Åsa Träff (Petrona, August) 3.5

A Room Full of Bones by Elly Griffiths (Euro Crime, January) 3

The Litigators by John Grisham (Petrona, March) 3

Playing Dead by Julia Haeberlin (Petrona, July) 2.5

The Flight by M. R. Hall (Petrona, March) 2.5

Kind of Cruel by Sophie Hannah (Petrona, April) 3

Good Bait by John Harvey (Euro Crime, January) 3

In Her Blood by Annie Hauxwell (Petrona, June) 3

Revenge of the Tide by Elizabeth Haynes (Petrona, April) 2

The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino (Petrona, February) 2

The Summer of Dead Toys by Antonio Hill (Euro Crime, November) 4

Sebastian Bergman by Hjorth Rosenfeldt (Petrona, August) 3.5

The Mattress House by Paulus Hochgatterer (Euro Crime, January) 3.5

The Blind Goddess by Anne Holt (Euro Crime, July) 3.5

The Loyal Servant by Eva Hudson (Petrona, April) 2.5

Good People by Ewart Hutton (Euro Crime, February) 3

Kinglake-350 by Adrian Hyland (Petrona, January) 5

Black Skies by Arnaldur Indridason (Euro Crime, June) 4

The Flatey Enigma by Viktor Arnar Ingolfsson (Petrona, March) 4

The Mistake by Wendy James (Petrona, April) 3.5

Killer’s Island by Anna Jansson (Petrona, August) 3

The Eyes of Lira Kazan by Eva Joly and Judith Perrignon (Petrona, August) 4

Dark Angel by Mari Jungstedt (Euro Crime, March) 3.5

The Murder of Halland by Pia Juul (Euro Crime, September) 3

Summertime Death by Mons Kallentoft (Euro Crime, August) 3

Autumn Killing by Mons Kallentoft (Euro Crime) 2.5

A Killing in the Hills by Julia Keller (Petrona, July) 4

The Sick Rose by Erin Kelly (Euro Crime, February) 3.5

The Drowning by Camilla Lackberg (Euro Crime, August) 2.5

Defending Jacob by William Landay (Bookgeeks, April) 4

Moonlight Mile by Dennis Lehane (Petrona, May) 3

My First Murder by Leena Lehtolainen (Euro Crime) 2.5

Law of Attraction by Allison Leotta (Petrona, May) 4

Border Run by Simon Lewis (Euro Crime, July) 2.5

The Other Child by Charlotte Link (Euro Crime, April) 3

Where the Devil Can’t Go by Anya Lipska (Petrona, March) 4

Random Violence by Jassy Mackenzie (Euro Crime, March) 2.5

Blood Tears by Michael J Malone (Petrona, August) 2.5

Lorraine Connection by Dominique Manotti (Petrona, June) 5

Last Will by Liza Marklund (Petrona, May) 5

The Blackhouse by Peter May (Petrona, February) 4

The Lewis Man by Peter May (Petrona, February) 4

The Chessmen by Peter May (Euro Crime) 3

The Vanishing Point by Val McDermid (Euro Crime, September) 4

The Nameless Dead by Brian McGilloway (Petrona, May) 3.5

The Fall by Claire McGowan (Petrona, March) 2

White Heat by M J McGrath (Petrona, April) 2

The Cold Cold Ground by Adrian McKinty (Petrona, February) 3.5

Yin Yang Tattoo by Ron McMillan (Petrona, January) 2

Trackers by Deon Meyer (Euro Crime, May) 5 (reprise)

7 Days by Deon Meyer (Euro Crime) 5

Shadow of the Rock by Thomas Mogford (Euro Crime, August) 2.5

Phantom by Jo Nesbo (Petrona, April) 4

The Bat by Jo Nesbo (Euro Crime, November) 3

Hour of the Wolf by Hakan Nesser (Euro Crime, April) 4

Nights of Awe by Harri Nykänen (Euro Crime, May) 3

Too Close for Comfort by Niamh O’Connor (Euro Crime, October) 2

Lost and Found by Carolyn Parkhurst (Petrona, January) 2.5

The Nobodies Album by Carolyn Parkhurst (Petrona, January) 5

The Pied Piper by Ridley Pearson (Petrona, June) 3.5

Another Time, Another Life by Leif G W Persson (Petrona, August) 5

Between Summer’s Longing and Winter’s End by Leif G W Persson (Petrona, August) 2.5

Broken Silence by Danielle Ramsay (Petrona, June) 2

The Impossible Dead by Ian Rankin (Petrona, January) 4

Standing in Another Man’s Grave by Ian Rankin (Euro Crime, November) 4

A Field of Darkness by Cornelia Read (Petrona, August) 3

Crossbones Yard by Kate Rhodes (Petrona, June) 3

Meltwater by Michael Ridpath (Euro Crime, July) 3

Andrea Camilleri: A companion to the mystery fiction by Lucia Rinaldi (non-fiction) (Euro Crime, October) 3.5

Needlepoint by Jenny Roberts (Petrona, February) 3

Old City Hall by Robert Rotenberg (Petrona, August) 3.5

Look Again by Lisa Scottoline (Petrona, March) 3

Killer Instinct by Zoë Sharp (Petrona, April) 3

A Dark Redemption by Stav Sherez (Petrona, April) 3

An Honourable Man by Gillian Slovo (Petrona, March) 2.5

In the Bleak Midwinter by Julia Spencer-Fleming (Petrona, May) 4

A Fountain Filled With Blood by Julia Spencer-Fleming (Petrona, June) 3.5

Split Second by Cath Staincliffe (Euro Crime, May) 4

Containment by Vanda Symon (Petrona, May) 3

Dead in the Water by Aline Templeton (Petrona, January) 3

Cradle to Grave by Aline Templeton (Petrona, March) 2.5

Lucifer’s Tears by James Thompson (Petrona, January) 2.5

Season of the Witch by Arni Thorarnisson (Petrona, August) 3

Night Rounds by Helene Tursten (Petrona, May) 3.5

The Dark Valley by Valerio Varesi (Petrona, May) 2.5

The Collini Case by Ferdinand von Schirach (Petrona, July) 3.5

Death of a Carpet Dealer by Karin Wahlberg (Petrona, July) 3

Murder on the Thirty-First Floor by Per Wahloo (Euro Crime, May) 3

Before I Go To Sleep by S J Watson (Petrona, January) 2

Desert Wives by Betty Webb (Petrona, March) 3

A Willing Victim by Laura Wilson (Euro Crime, June) 3

The Suspect by L. R. Wright (Petrona, May) 3.5

Scoring system:
5: excellent
4: very good
3.5: better than good
3: good
2.5: not quite as good as good
2: average, not distinctive, or not enjoyed
1: not recommended (usually not reviewed)

Read in 2012 but not reviewed*:

John Brady: A Stone of the Heart
Chris Culver: The Abbey
Penny Hancock: Tideline
Mohammed Hanif: Our Lady of Alice Bhatti
Jens Lapidus: Easy Money (Vine)
Rosamund Lupton: Afterwards
Margaret Maron: One Coffee With
Louise Voss and Mark Edwards: Catch Your Death
Lisa Brackman: Year of the Tiger (Vine)
Julia Spencer-Fleming: Out of the Deep I Cry
Lisa See: The Flower Net
Alex Marwood: The Wicked Girls
Julia Spencer-Fleming: To Darkness and to Death
Julia Spencer-Fleming: All Mortal Flesh
Robert Rotenberg: The Guilty Plea
Joanna Price: A Means of Escape
Wolf Haas: Brenner and God
Attica Locke: The Cutting Season (Vine)
Ford Madox Ford: Parade’s End
Michael Connelly: The Black Box
Ian McEwan: Sweet Tooth
Denise Mina: Gods and Beasts
John Grisham: The Racketeer
Linwood Barclay: Trust Your Eyes
J K Rowling: The Casual Vacancy
Tom Grieves: Sleepwalkers
Dennis Palumbo: Mirror Image
David Belbin: What You Don’t Know

*Books sent upon request by the Amazon Vine programme are sent on condition that they are reviewed on Amazon’s website.