How physics killed Spiderman’s girlfriend

Me linking to a post on Boing Boing is like J K Rowling asking the Kingston local news for some publicity. I gave up reading Boing Boing a while back as there is too much of it, too frequently, but I came across this posting via an aggregate service (Finderoy). It made me smile, not least because the formula is given at the link. You can also go to a video clip on YouTube via the Boing Boing entry, if you are a youtuber (I’m not, I’m just a potato).

Link: Boing Boing: How physics killed Spiderman’s girlfriend.

Diversity in the blogosphere

Link: Cognitive Daily: Bloggasm survey of diversity in the blogosphere#more.

"Simon Owens has posted the results of his survey of diversity in the blogosphere at his site Bloggasm.

Here are the results for the blogosphere as a whole:

Male: 69%
Female: 31%
White/Caucasian/European: 73%
Black/African: 9%
Asian: 10%
Middle Eastern/Arab: 1%
Latino/Hispanic: 6%
Native American: 1%"

(see more at the link to Cognitive Daily)