Book review: Law of Attraction by Allison Leotta

Law of Attraction
by Allison Leotta
Touchstone/Simon&Schuster 2010

Law of Attraction is an excellent debut novel by a natural storyteller that will be highly enjoyable to those who, like me, enjoy legal thrillers. Anna Curtis is a newly qualified assistant attorney in Washington, DC, whose role is to deal with misdemeanours, usually concerning domestic violence. By this route, she handles the case of Laprea Johnson, whose boyfriend and father of her twins has beaten her up. Anna prepares all the paperwork for cases such as these and builds up the material ready for trial. When Laprea’s court date arrives, however, Anna is disappointed and worried about the outcome.

Anna’s personal dilemma is that the defence attorney, Nick Wagner, is a gorgeously handsome man she knows from law school. Nick makes a strong play for Anna, who succumbs. Their romance is rudely interrupted, however, by the next, inevitable crisis in Laprea’s life. This crisis finds Anna seconded to the state’s chief homicide prosecutor, Jack Bailey. Increasingly conflicted both by her feelings about Nick and about possible holes in the case the prosecution is preparing, Anna heads into personal and professional disaster.

There are lots of things to like about this book. It is a good story, well told, with plenty of twists and turns – including a good one at the end. Anna is an attractive protagonist, with just the right mix of ambition and personal insecurity. Perhaps the most interesting aspect, though, is the message held in the title of the book, the “law of attraction”. Both Anna and Laprea are examples of people who suffered ordeals in their childhoods and are inevitably affected by these experiences as adults in the choices they make. Without being heavy-handed, the author shows convincingly the pain and conflicts inherent in rising above the strong formative influences we experience as children.

I purchased this book.

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