New (to me) authors read in 2011

Seeing Bernadette’s list of new (to her) authors whose books she has read in 2011 reminded me that I must do the same, as I always like to try new authors and to see how many I’ve managed to discover each year. I have to admit, though, that this process does inevitably involve a few duds and even DNFs (did not finish). Nevertheless, I am usually lucky thanks to the various website and blog reviews I follow. It seems as if 2011 was no exception, from the 56 new (to me) authors I tried. I found eight books truly excellent, nine very good and ten good – a pleasing total of 27 authors whose other books I am keen to try (or will be when they are written and, where appropriate, translated). A further nine books were a bit “meh” and ten more less compelling than that. Finally, I did not enjoy (or did not finish) eleven more – a total of 29 authors that I possibly or probably will not read again.
The books listed below are not ordered within each category. Where I’ve reviewed the book (in most categories except the last) I have provided a link to the review.


Smith, Roger Mixed Blood (South Africa)

Lambert, Charles Any Human Face (Italy setting)

Franklin, Tom Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter (USA)

Horst, Jorn Lier Dregs (Norway)

Yoshida, Shuichi Villain (Japan)

Adler-Olsen, Jussi Mercy (Denmark)

Goodman, Allegra Intuition (USA)

LaPlante, Alice Turn of Mind (USA)

Very good:

Oksanen, Sofi Purge (Estonia setting)

Tegenfalk, Stefan Anger Mode (Sweden)

Gakas, Sergios Ashes (Greece)

Enger, Thomas Burned (Norway)

Dahl, Arne Misterioso (Sweden)

Haynes, Elizabeth Into the Darkest Corner (England)

Carter, Alan Prime Cut (Australia)

Staincliffe, Cath Witness (England)

Ceder, Camilla Frozen Moment (Sweden)


Perissinotto, Alessandro Blood Sisters (Italy)

Kallentoft, Mons Midwinter Sacrifice (Sweden)

Kaaberbøl, Lene & Friis, A The Boy in the Suitcase (Denmark)

Arion, George Attack in the Library (Romania)

Watson, Nicole The Boundary (Australia)

Moorhead, Finola Still Murder (Australia)

Ngugi, Mukoma wa Nairobi Heat (USA/Kenya setting)

Jones, Stan White Sky, Black Ice (USA)

Templeton, Aline Cold in the Earth (Scotland)

Symon, Vanda Overkill (New Zealand)

Neither good nor bad:

Ohlsson, Kristina Unwanted (Sweden)

Arvas, Paula and Nestingen, A (ed) Scandinavian Crime Fiction (various; non-fiction)

Sipila, Jarkko Helsinki Homicide: Against the Wall (Finland)

MacLeod, Torquil Meet Me in Malmo (Sweden setting)

Gazan, Sissel-Jo The Dinosaur Feather (Denmark)

Schwegel, Theresa Officer Down (USA)

Stabenow, Dana A Cold Day for Murder (USA)

Himes, Chester A Rage In Harlem (USA)


Porter, Henry The Dying Light (England)

White, Neil Fallen Idols (England)

Walker, Blair S. Up Jumped the Devil (USA)

Vichi, Marco Death in August (Italy)

Roncagliolo, Santiago Red April (Peru)

Parot, Jean-François The Châtelet Apprentice (France)

Clark, Marcia Guilt by Association (USA)

Logue, Mark and Conradi, Peter The King’s Speech (Australia/England, nonfiction)

Nicholls, David One Day (England)

Kepler, Lars The Hypnotist (Sweden)

Poor, not to my taste, and/or DNF:

Black, Benjamin Christine Falls (Ireland)

Hanif, Mohammed Our Lady of Alice Bhatti (Pakistan)

Culver, Chris The Abbey (USA)

Hancock, Penny Tideline (England)

Lapidus, Jens Easy Money (Sweden)

Webster, Jason Or the Bull Kills You (Spain setting)

Hilliard, Sam The Last Track (USA)

Byatt, A.S. Ragnarok: the End of the Gods (England)

Gallagher, Stephen Rain (England)

Miller, A.D. Snowdrops (Russia setting)

Fitzek, Sebastian Splinter (Germany)

Fuller Jr, John Grant The Airmen Who Would Not Die (England setting)