Can you catch a fish alive?

One, two, three, four, five
Can you catch a fish alive?

Jose Ignacio has posted about a meme called One book, two book, three book, four and five….. (via Books Please and Stuck in a Book.) Here’s my contribution:

The book I’m currently reading: The Drop by Michael Connelly. I always eagerly await the next book by this author, whether it’s going to be about his usual series character Harry Bosch of the LAPD or about something else. After the first seven chapters, it is definitely well up to the usual high standard of this author – and so far there are two possible meanings of the book’s title.

The last book I finished: I’ll walk Alone by Mary Higgins Clark. A “comfort” read rather than anything likely to be different from what she’s written before, but just the thing for an autumn Saturday while feeling under the weather.

The next book I want to read: Not an easy question, but I’ll say The Invisible Ones by Stef Penney, which is on my shelf thanks to the ever-generous Karen of Euro Crime. (My review of the author’s debut, The Tenderness of Wolves, indicates why I’m looking forward to her second novel.)

The last book I bought: Actually a batch from Amazon but the one that is last to arrive from these (en route) is One Coffee With by Margaret Maron, which I read a long time ago but now plan to re-read. The author has written a recent, very interesting post about this book, and how the Sigrid Harald series is now being re-issued in e-format. One of the reasons for wanting to re-read the book now is to see if, in retrospect, Sigrid is an archetype (Kathy Mallory, Liesbeth Salander and many other subsequent female characters of crime fiction.)

The last book I was given: The Boundary by Nicole Watson (link goes to the review at Fair Dinkum crime). I was sent this book by Bernadette of Reactions to Reading; on the basis of her Fair Dinkum review, I’m looking forward to it.

Now, if you want to continue the rhyme:

Six, seven, eight, nine, ten
Then I threw him back again.

I can suggest five (six) more questions 😉

Which was the last book you borrowed from the library?
What is the most recent e-book you read?
What was the last translated book you read? (If the answer to this is the same as any of your other answers, substitute the question with: What was the first book you read this year?)
Which book is at the top of your Christmas [insert appropriate festival] list?
Which so-far unpublished book are you most looking forward to reading?

11 thoughts on “Can you catch a fish alive?

  1. Maxine – Oh, what excellent books you’ve added here! And I really like the questions you’ve added, too :-). I’m so looking forward to your take on The Drop. It’s wonderful to hear that so far, it’s up to Connelly’s usual excellent work. Now I’ll have that rhyme running through my head… 😉

    • Michael Connelly never fails, does he, Margot? Unlike many other bestsellers, he’s never let his loyal readers down.

  2. I’m reading The End of the Wasp Season by Denise Mina (fine, except for editing mistakes), next I plan to read Outrage by Indridason and then Carofiglio’s third series book, I just read the absorbing City of Secrets about 1940s San Francisco investigator, the feisty Miranda Corbie, by Kelli Stanley, after finishing the painful, yet truthful A Beautiful Place to Die about apartheid South Africa in 1952, by Malla Nunn. The last library book: I took out: 3, Kelli Stanley’s book, Denise Mina’s and Carofiglio’s books. The last book I bought was Indridason’s Outrage, plan to buy Ashes to Dush by Sigurdadottir, Fear Not by Anne Holt, The Boy in the Suitcase. I don’t read ebooks. The first book I read this year was Camilleri’s The Smell of the Night. I guess I’d put more Nordic noir on my multi-holiday list, perhaps The Boy in the Suitcase, perhaps Dregs, perhaps The Half-Child by Angela Savage. The library will have Connelly’s The Drop or I’d add that to my holiday list. I was last given two books by Katherine Howell, including the excellent Cold Justice, and I won one of those and 4 more books from Oz — all of which will be loaned out to many people. I also won Very Bad Men, which friends grabbed and I haven’t read yet.
    As far as unpublished, I would add not yet available in English, more books by Camilleri, and more by Jussi Adler-Olsen and more by Indridason.

  3. I started Stef Penney’s The Invsible Ones and then left it on a train. I couldn’t believe it especially as it was a hardback. I am definitley going to have to get it out of the library to finish it.

    • Oh how frustrating! I once deliberately left a book on a train because it was so bad (one of Lynda La Plante’s – I used to like her but then she “jumped the shark” as I discovered – franchising-out suspected) – but I did feel sorry for anyone who happened to pick it up!

  4. To tell the truth, many of the ideas on books to read, especially translated crime fiction were gotten here, RTR and MIP. My only limitations are budgetary and where to get books.
    Now if I had Oxfam shops nearby, I’d be set. And even Amazon UK seems fairly reasonable compared to prices over here. And time; you three blog organizers and writers must speed-read, as the total number of books read is phenomenal.

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  6. Thanks for playing – and thanks for adding extra questions, that’s wonderful! I’ll certainly have a go at those – although not the e-reader one, since I don’t have one. I’ll think of a substitute!

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