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Having recently been on holiday for a week I am now in the enviable position of having caught up with myself reading-wise, excepting John Galsworthy’s Forsyte Saga which I recently bought to re-read. I am letting that sit for a while as I saw the TV adaptation on DVD too recently. Well, that’s my excuse for not immediately reading a nine-book tome with a few “interludes”! I did enjoy the novels years ago, though, so I am sure I’ll get around to them again soon enough.

Because of my zero backlog, I have therefore purchased a few books on which to embark next ;-). In print form, I have purchased a mere three novels: All Yours by Claudia Pineiro from Argentina; Anger Mode by Stefan Tegenfalk from Sweden; and Dregs by Jorn Lier Horst from Norway. On Kindle, thanks to a tip from Laura about a cheap price offer, I’ve decided to be brave and attempt a book by the apparently pretty up-front Roger Smith, in this case Mixed Blood (South Africa). I hope these will keep me occupied for a week or two, in between writing up a backlog of reviews.


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  1. Maxine – You’ve got a nice lot of books there. I really am interested in what you think of them, but I am going to make a point of hiding my credit card from myself whenever I check your posts ;-).

  2. Tegenfalk and Lier Horst look interesting – again, Scandinavian writers I have not heard much about. TegenfalkĀ“s books are not translated into Danish, but if you like this one, the Swedish edition is not too expensive.

    I have not bought any books yet, but I am considering buying a couple, eg Quentin BatesĀ“ first.

    • I think you’ll like the Quentin Bates, Dorte. Just started Dregs which is good so far, though turns out to be #5 or #6 in a series! (Previous vols not translated…)

  3. Can’t wait to read the reviews, although I agree with Margot that I have to hide my credit card when I read this website, as well as RTR and MIP. I am going to set aside time during my reading vacation this week and reread the back posts with book reviews and take notes and then cull the lists to see what I should purchase.
    I just found out that my library, where I’d had Yrsa Sigurdardottir’s book Ashes to Dust on reserve, only has a copy noncirculating, so I have to purchase it, which I will as I like her series. And I got a note about budget cuts to the library so far fewer books will be purchased, including, I’m sure, global translated mysteries. However, that doesn’t answer my question of why they purchase 300 copies of a dvd, even when only 30 people have it on hold. What happened to the whole purpose of libraries encouraging reading and learning? This just seems wrong.
    Anyway, your reading speed just amazes me, perhaps a world record is in order! I appreciate the reviews, and just read a review of a book by Katherine Howell, as I’m currently reading Cold Justice, which has me ignoring tasks, which is fine. It’s August, my virtual vacation month.

    • That’s not good to read about your library, Kathy, especially as I keep reading that DVD’s days are numbered….whereas books are never obsolete (so long as they are in print format!). Our library is not too bad on translated fiction but not brilliant either. They are suffering from cuts, clearly, and it’s quite sad that every time I go in there (not that often at the moment as I can’t get there) there seem to be more people using the internet screens than borrowing books. Ah well, there will always be readers about, even if we are in a minority.

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