East African children in crisis

Dear Maxine,

Thank you for your generous donation of £xxxx to UNICEF’s East Africa Children’s Crisis Appeal.

Your support will make a real difference to the many children in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia, who are struggling to survive without food, water and medical assistance.

The severe drought is endangering the lives of over 2 million children under five. UNICEF has been working in the region since the emergency began, but we desperately need to do more now.Without access to feeding programmes, medical supplies and clean water, many lives will be lost. Your generous donation will help us to provide the necessary aid these children desperately need.

It is essential that we reach as many people as possible with news of this crisis. If you would like to help us further, please ask your friends to donate at www.unicef.org.uk/eastafrica.
On behalf of everyone at UNICEF and all those who will benefit from your gift, thank you.

2 thoughts on “East African children in crisis

  1. Maxine – Thank you for sharing this. All too easily we forget how many people are in such grave danger. I appreciate your sharing this.

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