A quiet week here if not there

I haven’t updated this blog much this week because I seem to have become permanently distracted. Not much to report, but I’ll just note that I’m overwhelmed (which is nice) with newly translated fiction to read. I have finished The Quarry by Johan Theorin which is a marvellous book, I really loved it. I’ve submitted a review to Euro Crime but if you want to read one now, then Bernadette has written her usual excellent analysis over at Reactions to Reading and Peter has written a fine review at Nordic bookblog.
I’ve just started on Yrsa Sigurdardottir’s latest, The Day is Dark, whose Icelandic title, literally translated as Veins of Ice, seems much more distinctive to me. Then I have novels by Camilla Lackberg, Karin Fossum, Anne Holt, Hakan Nesser, Marco Vichi and Jean-Francios Perot to read after that. (As well as some English-language originals by Ruth Dugdale, Aline Templeton, Dana Stabenow, Alan Carter, Jane Casey, Karen Campbell and Marcia Clark.)
Recent reviews or announcements have stimulated a virtual list in my mind of what to read when I have finished that lot: Burned by Thomas Enger, Misterioso by Arne Dahl and Lethal Investments by K O Dahl to name but three. And of course I’m eagerly awaiting the next Asa Larsson book Until Thy Wrath Be Passed (new UK publisher, Quercus/MacLehose). And I must find time to re-read the 9-volume Forsyte Saga which I recently purchased. To cap that, Euro Crime blog has just listed three more new titles that all look good, and I have activated a subscription to Audible, so am sporadically listening to a 20-hour Anthony Trollope marathon, The Bertrams.
It’s a nice, if a bit daunting, situation to be in, as I have totally failed in my January goal to have a reading backlog of one or two books this year.