July book bonanza

At the turn of this year I attempted a resolution to cut right back on my unread books, so that I more or less read any new titles as I acquired them. I was doing pretty well on this goal, including ruthlessly restricting myself to one e-book download at a time, not allowing another one until I had read the first. However, something has happened recently as evidenced by this picture taken with my “smart” phone with much advice by smart people I live with (ie not me). You can click on the image if you want to inspect the titles. Karen of Euro Crime is certainly responsible for some of these books, and the recent mini-influx of newly published translated crime fiction is responsible for others. I’ve also requested one or two from publishers, and purchased one or two more.
On the Kindle front, I have recently downloaded Fear Not by Anne Holt and Witness by Cath Staincliffe, both costing pennies thanks to a Kindle “promotion”, and Prime Cut by Alan Carter thanks to excellent reviews by Kerrie of Mysteries in Paradise and Bernadette of Reactions to Reading (reviews at Fair Dinkum Crime). I confess that I already have two unread books on my Kindle, Fire and Ice by Dana Stabenow and The Chatelet Apprentice by J-F Parot.
As I am taking my time over the excellent The Quarry by Johan Theorin, I’m a bit stumped to know how I’m going to make inroads on these novels on a reasonable timescale. Perhaps I should not allow myself to buy any more books until all these are finished – but I’ll have to make one exception if so, the long- and eagerly awaited Until Thy Wrath be Past by Asa Larsson, due out in the UK on 4 August.