A literal book and book blogger world tour

One of the great things about the Internet is that it enables one to find out instantly about enticing books. Often this discovery comes about from reading great blog reviews, reviews that make one desperate to read the title in question. Sadly, when the blogs concerned are in different “geographical regions” as defined by book publishers, this desperation is likely to remain unrequited if one lives in the “wrong” place. We’ve seen in the past week or two how superinjunctions have failed to be upheld in England and Wales, at least in part due to the mass anarchy of online social media. Sadly, however, the frustrating rules about where one can buy books are less susceptible to such pressures: even though one can freely read about a book, one may not be able to buy or read it. (Even if the books are available in e-format, the same restrictive rules apply, very sad for keen readers.)

Every now and again, an opportunity arises for a remedy, and such an opportunity has just been taken by a human chain of bloggers, starting with Bernadette in Australia, who purchased the titles in question, then moving on to Kerrie, also in Australia, whose physical location is luckily nearby and was about to embark on a trip to visit her family in Abu Dhabi, before attending Crime Fest in Bristol, UK. Among the attendees at Crime Fest was Norman, he of the Yurt on the Moor (picture copyright Crime Scraps) who, after a handover, very kindly posted the cargo on to me, a couple of hundred miles up the road.

So thank you, all, so much for my mercy package which arrived a couple of days ago via so many exotic and disparate locations. A wonderful thing, the Internet.