Read, reading, to read: mid-May update

My reading rate during May has slowed down a bit compared with April. So far I’ve only read five books this month, though am well over half-way through The Winter of the Lions by Jan Costin Wagner, a strange book. I’m not quite sure why my reading rate fluctuates from one book a day to one a week (roughly): time, length of book and interest level of book don’t seem to be factors. (Availability of books to read certainly is not!).

Of my May reads so far, I’ve posted a review here of Back of Beyond by C J Box (USA), and had a review of another, Mercy by Jussi Adler-Olsen (Denmark), published at Euro Crime. Another couple are submitted (or almost submitted) to Euro Crime: Blue Monday by Nicci French (UK), and The Dead of Summer by Mari Jungstedt (Sweden). I’ve also read Hanging Hill by Mo Hayder (UK) but am not going to review that because it was both utterly daft and featured two very irritating female protagonists, and I did not want to write a review full of gripes. It is (pardoxically?) a readable book, though, despite the fact that you could drive the Flying Scotsman through the plot. (A Euro Crime review of the book is here.)

What’s next? Books keep appearing, even though I’m not getting out to the library or physical bookshops at the moment. Two online purchases of print books are Nowhere to Run by C J Box, the tenth novel in the Joe Pickett series and the one that brings me almost up to date, as the eleventh has just been published in the USA; and The Fourth Man by K O Dahl, the last of the already-translated novels in this Norwegian series so far, which I want to read before the next one comes out. From publishers, under the kind auspices of Karen from Euro Crime, I have proofs of An Uncertain Place by Fred Vargas (France); Turn of Mind by Alice LaPlante (a debut novel, USA); and Dinosaur Feather by Sissel-Jo Gazan (Denmark). On the e-front, I have downloaded two novels that start off series (recommended by Keishon of Yet Another Crime Fiction blog), A Cold Day for Murder and Fire and Ice, both by Dana Stabenow (USA), and 69 pence each (admittedly the deciding factor in my purchase of these books).

I am not sure which of these to read next, so suggestions are welcome.

5 thoughts on “Read, reading, to read: mid-May update

  1. Maxine – I had to laugh out loud at your description of Hanging Hill. What a terrific way to describe a plot :-). It’s interesting what you say about the way your reading pace varies. Mine does, too, and you’re quite right that it isn’t always about the quality of what one reads, nor even available time. For me, anyway, it seems to be a constellation of factors (the book itself, amount of time, other stressors, eagerness to get on to the next book ;-), and sometimes, how soon I have to get a book back to the library or a friend if I’ve borrowed it, among other things). I don’t want to outright recommend the Vargas, as I haven’t yet read it myself, so don’t know if it’s good. But I like Vargas’ work, and if those books were in front of me, I’d probably choose either it or the Dahl. But that’s just me…

  2. Thanks, Margot – the longer the queue, the harder it is to decide what to read next 😉 But I like your suggestions.

  3. You are not alone on the fluctuation of your reading pace, Maxine. It also happens to me and cant find the reason either. Was going to suggest the Vargas first, I’m quite interested in your opinion.

  4. Sounds like a good plan. My reading varies, too. I’ve been home all week, so finished the classic, The Poisoned Chocolates Case, and am trying to read two other books, The Sting of Justice by Cora Harrison and Blood Count by Reggie Nadelson, and I’ll see if I finish them. I’m not finding it easy to read historical fiction though Harrison’s points are good. And I have Affairs of State, Witness to Night, A Short Cut to Paradise, Three Seconds and a few more assorted around to read, which aren’t library books, so they can wait. I am purchasing the Vargas online, as I love her writing, and it just isn’t in my library or bookstores. And I await the Dagger shortlist to see what else I should try to find or buy.

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