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I’ve just created a new section to the right of this post, called “Reading recommendations”. I’ve included three Amazon lists, one of my favourite reads in 2010, and two of highly recommended crime-fiction series. Amazon does not let you list series as opposed to specific books, so I’ve tried to include the first of each series in these lists. Enjoy!

Favourite reads of 2010.

Recommended crime-fiction series, #1.

Recommended crime-fiction series, #2.

7 thoughts on “Reading recommendations

  1. Maxine – Thanks so much for these lists! You chose some outstanding novels and series, and I really appreciate the fact that you’ve put these easily-accessible lists together :-). Erm – but – about that TBR list of mine… 😉

  2. Well really this is cruel and unusual punishment indeed – having just given myself a good talking to about getting my acquisitiveness under control I awaken to find these lists.

    Fortunately many of the authors on your recommended lists are already on my radar though of course there are new ones for me to investigate – Jonathan Harvey, Catherine Sampson and Stephen White are all new names to me. Gunnar Staalesen isn’t a new name but his books have proven elusive to obtain here but I will keep trying. I’m afraid even you won’t convince me to have another go at Rankin’s Rebus (though I am going to read The Complaints) and Robert Crais and I didn’t get on very well together on our one outing.

    Of your best reads of last year I either have read them or have them all sitting around me somewhere so your previous evilness has already worked its magic there 🙂

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  4. Hi Maxine. And thanks for your lists. I will print them out and add them to those from RTR, MIP and other recommendations. I can’t go wrong here–have learned of Carofiglio, Cleeves, Griffiths and many other excellent authors, as well as having read very interesting reviews and commentary. Many I have bookmarked and plan to try, but lack of access at the library brings me to Book Depository or AbeBooks (used books) or Amazon. On your recommendation (and the Costa Prize), I bought “Witness to Night,” from the BD, and it just arrived.
    I have found some of Marklund’s used books at Amazon. Although a bit pricey, I will figure out when to purchase them.
    Your lists and reviews are great. My only problem is budgetary at the moment due to limited access at the library.

  5. You just broke my book buying ban. Yesterday, I bought like three or four off your list. Will let you know which ones I read when I like to the review 🙂

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