Hello and welcome

Hello to old and new readers of Petrona.
Those of you who have bookmarked the old Petrona, or subscribed in RSS, are cordially invited to substitute your old bookmarks for this new version of the blog, which is all archived here.
A complete archive of my book reviews is available here. Please feel free to browse these archives for books reviewed by genre, geographical region, or other criterion.
Thank you for visiting.


12 thoughts on “Hello and welcome

  1. Excellent stuff.Maxine. I was having trouble with the old blog-
    this is much easier to read,and no flickering.

  2. Thank you, all. So glad you like it! I do think it is better than the previous blog for all sorts of reasons. Three blog platforms in 6 years…..;-)

  3. Great new blog design! Very nice.

    And, I see that the book reviews are categorized by country, which is very helpful, as I, for one, do look them up that way often.

    Glad you’re back up posting; now, between Petrona, RTR and MIP, I know what to read.

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Welcome to WordPress (which I like very much, even more than the paid platform I use for our work blog) and hope you settle in to your new home easily 🙂

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