Scandinavian crime-fiction book club at London University

Towards the end of July I received some interesting news via Simon Clarke. Thank you so much, Simon. Here is the news, from the University College London website:

Nordic Noir – Scandinavian Crime Book Club
Join and meet other Scandinavian crime lovers in London, authors, translators and specialists in Scandinavian languages, literature, history and cultures.
January to April 2011.

Scandinavian crime fiction has had an unrivalled success in the UK over the past ten years. Authors such as the Dane Peter Høeg and the Swede Stieg Larsson are best-selling authors worldwide, and BBC has recently been running the original Swedish miniseries and a remake with Kenneth Branagh based on Henning Mankell’s Kurt Wallander books. Book stores such as Waterstones feature sections with “Scandinavian Chillers” testifying to the popularity and breadth of Nordic crime fiction translated for a British audience. Today, crime writers from all the Nordic countries are in translation, which is a rare occurrence in a British publishing market, where less than 5 percent of available books are translations.
The planned events will bring crime fiction lovers, UCL researchers and students in Scandinavian literature, language, film, history, mythology, politics and sociology, UK translators, publishers, authors, film makers and producers together to share their knowledge of and interest in crime fiction and Nordic cultures. We will investigate the seemingly paradoxical popularity of violent crime fiction in countries well-known for their safe and peaceful welfare states, where people, according to research, are amongst the happiest and most satisfied with their lives in the world. We shall explore what Scandinavian crime fiction has learned from the British tradition, and what makes crime fiction from the Nordic countries particularly Nordic.
Please return to this page to read about the book club we are planning for Spring 2011. More information about how to join, the programme and the books we will read will soon be available.
If you would like to be included on the Nordic Noir email list please contact Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen (