Book reviews by country: Argentina

For my series this summer, I am providing selections of book reviews by country. Either the author is from the country named in the post, or the book is set there. 

First up is Argentina. I've reviewed two books from this region, No-one Loves a Policeman by Guillermo Orsi (translator Nick Caistor) and Thursday Night Widows by Claudia Pinerio (translator Miranda France).

"Thursday Night Widows is written with deceptive lightness, creating a closed world in which I was fascinated, as it is so different from anything I’ve ever experienced. Because the author refuses to judge any of her characters, however unsympathetic, the reader is almost unaware of the grossly distorted morality of these ludicrously pampered women, with their wasted, empty lives bought at the expense of other people."

From No-one Loves a Policeman: “Argentina was like some huge, sleeping beast, a mythical elephant like those the ancients believed held up the world. It had just shaken off a president and all its ministers. It got rid of them because they did not know how to steer it, could only torment it with their absurd decisions on a journey to nowhere.  Today the beast was resting, digesting, occasionally regurgitating its favourite, its only nourishment:madness."

My Argentina reviews.

4 thoughts on “Book reviews by country: Argentina

  1. Great idea Maxine. I’m keen to read some Argentinian crime fiction, given I spent 2+ months there in 07/08. I’ve heard great things about THURSDAY NIGHT WIDOWS, so will have to try to souce myself a copy.

  2. Am impatiently waiting for the library system to send “Thursday Night Widows,” to my branch for me to get. Can’t wait and I’m also trying for at least step one of the International Book Challenge.
    Thank you for posting that beautiful photo. Although in this awful heat, I’m dreaming of Scandinavian cold and ice, I appreciate that picture.

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