The Build Up to Vodka Doesn’t Freeze

What's the best way to make something happen? Say it hasn't happened. This is my experience, which held true when I recently sent Bernadette a couple of books. I popped a note into the parcel to assure her that I wasn't being rude not to have thanked her for the books she sent me a while back, but rather, the slow boat had not docked yet so I had not received them. (Not that I'm in any rush, given the humungous number of titles I have to read).

No sooner had I tossed my Aussie-bound parcel into the sack in the local post office and returned home, than a hooter (suspiciously like a vuvuzela) sounded, and with a splashing wake, a damp note appeared on 
Vodkathe doormat. "Slipped packet through porthole, in cabin of lifeboat" the postwoman (postlady?) had written. Sure enough, on putting on my rubber ring and venturing outside, there it was, bobbing on the waves.

So without further ado, I will thank Bernadette for her kind parcel, which upon opening turned out to contain a copy of Vodka Doesn't Freeze by Leah Giarratano, and The Build Up by Philip Gwynne. Leah Giarratano is a psychologist turned crime writer, and this novel is her debut. It has been extensively reviewed, for example by Kerrie of Mysteries in Paradise, and by Bernadette herself, at her blog Reactions to Reading "this is a killer read. It’s my new favourite book of the year (so far)." Bernadette's one-line take on The Build Up is: "funny, sad, perfectly Australian story about the weather and sheer bloody-mindedness". With both books having been awarded five stars by Bernadette, I am looking forward to them with eager anticipation.