Best crime fiction so far in 2010 – what’s yours?

Best_reads 2010How can I resist Kerrie of Mystery in Paradise's question? She asks people to give the 5 to 10 best books they have read in the first six months of the year. In the comments to Kerrie's post, luminaries such as Laura Root (whose reviews are always excellent and whose views are always worthy of respect), Jose Ignacio Escribano, Vanda Symon, BooksPlease, Kay and others, post their selections – which, of course, identify all the more books for the groaning shelves!

So, what would I choose for my 5-10 books of the first half of the year?

Truth by Peter Temple

Gunshot Road by Adrian Hyland

Water-Blue Eyes by Domingo Villar

Winterland by Alan Glynn (review t/c)

The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths

Rupture (A Thousand Cuts) by Simon Lelic

I read lots of other excellent novels in the first and second quarters of 2010, but I think the ones I have identified in this post are a little bit special, for one reason or another.