Reading report, second quarter 2010

Books From the beginning of April to the end of June, I've read 42 books (excluding one I started before the end of June and finished in July). Seventeen were by women, one by a woman/man duo and the rest were by men (one duo). Fifteen were translated from other languages: 2 French, 1 German, 1 Greek, 4 Italian, 1 Spanish, 1 Argentinian Spanish, 1 Norwegian, 2 Swedish, 1 Japanese, 1 Icelandic. Here is the full list, with a link to my review in each case. I have attempted a star system, but it isn't at all easy to be consistent about such matters. Any book with 3, 4 or 5 stars is one I'd highly recommend. This quarter I have given 5 stars to three books, Winterland by Alan Glynn (review t/c), Water-Blue Eyes by Domingo Villar, and Gunshot Road by Adrian Hyland.

Fear the Worst by Linwood Barclay (Petrona, May) ***

 Badfellas by Tonino Benacquista
 (Petrona, April)** (French)

Cambridge Blue by Alison Bruce (review submitted to Euro Crime)**

Poisonville by Massimo Carlotto and Marco Videtta (Petrona, April)**** (Italian)

The Past is a Foreign Country by Gianrico Carofiglio (Petrona, June)**** (Italian)

The Shadow of Your Smile by Mary Higgins Clark (Petrona, May)***

Caught by Harlan Coben (Petrona, May)***

The First Rule by Robert Crais (Petrona, May)***

The Last Fix by K. O. Dahl (Petrona, April)**** (Norwegian)

In the Wind by Barbara Fister (Petrona, June)***

Complicit by Nicci French (Euro Crime, May)**

The Neighbour by Lisa Gardner (Petrona, June)*

This Body of Death by Elizabeth George (Petrona, June)*

Winterland by Alan Glynn (review submitted to Euro Crime)*****

The Janus Stone by Elly Griffiths (Petrona, May)****

Money to Burn by James Grippando (Petrona, May)

Inspector Cataldo's Criminal Summer by Luigi Guicciaradi (Petrona, April)*** (Italian)

The Last Child by John Hart (Petrona, June)***

Far Cry by John Harvey (Petrona, June)***

Gunshot Road by Adrian Hyland (Petrona, June)*****

Dead Like You by Peter James (Euro Crime, June)

The Pull of the Moon by Diane Janes (Euro Crime, May)**

The Killer's Art by Mari Jungstedt (Euro Crime, June)*** (Swedish)

The Poison Tree by Erin Kelly  (Euro Crime, June)**

B-Very Flat by Margot Kinberg (Petrona, April)***

Almost Blue by Carlo Lucarelli (Petrona, June)**** (Italian)

The Marx Sisters by Barry Maitland (Petrona, June)**

Affairs of State by Dominique Manotti (Petrona, April)**** (French)

Supreme Justice by Phillip Margolin (Petrona, June)***

Che Committed Suicide by Petros Markaris (Euro Crime, May)***

Still Midnight by Denise Mina (Petrona, April)*

All She Was Worth by Miyuki Miyabe (Petrona, June)*** (Japanese)

The Inspector and Silence by Hakan Nesser (review in draft)*** (Swedish)

Twisted Wing by Ruth Newman (Petrona, May)**

No-one Loves a Policeman by Guillermo Orsi (Petrona, June)**** (Argentinan Spanish)

The Complaints by Ian Rankin (Petrona, June)***

The Monster in the Box by Ruth Rendell (Petrona, June)***

Where the Shadows Lie by Michael Ridpath (review submitted to Euro Crime)***

My Soul to Take by Yrsa Sigurdardottir (Euro Crime, May)*** (Icelandic)

Amercian Devil by Oliver Stark (not reviewed)

Water-blue Eyes by Domingo Villar (Petrona, May)***** (Spanish)

A Certain Malice by Felicity Young (Petrona, April)**

Dark Matter by Juli Zeh (Euro Crime, April)* (German)

My first quarter reading report is here. I had read 26 books in the first quarter of the year, so that makes 68 for the first half-year, not bad!

10 thoughts on “Reading report, second quarter 2010

  1. Maxine – Thanks for sharing this : ). I am always so impressed with the reading you are able to accomplish and, of course, with your fine reviews. Are you aware, though, of how much you have added to my TBR list??

  2. Yes, ditto to Margot’s message; I have a new TBR list just from Petrona’s reviews. This is how international books get on my list. I just read Denise Mina’s new book and was disappointed, was bored by parts of it and had to skip, especially the parts about the culprits, such uninteresting people. Am now reading Hakan Nesser’s “Woman with Birthmark,” which is cleverly written and has wit.
    Anyway, here’s a new list to printed out and add to the TBO (To Be Ordered) list which means that the Book Depository will be getting more orders soon. (The libraries over here will take a decade, if not forever to get most translated books.)

  3. In fact, to save time, I just printed this list out and also the first-quarter list.
    Just an fyi: Marilyn Stasio, excellent writer and crime book reviewer for the New York Times Book Review panned Camilla Lackberg’s “The Ice Princess” today in a skewering review. She said that merely by being of Swedish citizenry did not guarantee being a good writer–ouch! I don’t know how the publishers of her several books which are being sold all over in many languages and are planned for the U.S.
    will react to this, but if her books are bought, that’s what matters. This is a bit of a bummer as that’s my next book on the TBR pile after I finish Nesser’s “Woman with Birthmark,” a fun read.

  4. I am stunned with admiration for all this reading, and you work! Well done, and thanks for the lists it is a great way to build up an even more impossibly large TBR pile.

  5. Thanks, Everyone, for the kind and encouraging comments. Kathy – I rather liked The Ice Princess, and hope you will too. I think it is the best of Camilla Lackberg’s novels translated to date. My recommendation for Swedish authors would include Karin Alvtegen (Missing is a great thriller in the “Girl Who Played with Fire” vein) and one I know you’ve read already, Asa Larsson. I’ve so far reviewed 39 Swedish books:

  6. Yes, am reading “The Ice Princess” on your recommendation. However, check out Stasio’s critique. I didn’t care for “Missing,” and did like Asa Larsson except for the brutal endings. Will look at your Swedish book list.

  7. I love Kjell Erksson’s books,especially “The Demon of Dakar,” (wish more would be translated,) and very much like the Sjowall/Wahloo series.

  8. 42 books in 3 months is staggering! Can I borrow your eyes (or a spare set if you have them) Thanks for the list too – some good ones there for me to considering adding to the already teetering TBR

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