New books this year from Corvus

The very nice people at Corvus not only sent me an advance copy of Michael Ridpath's Where the Shadows Lie (an Iceland-set thriller to be published in the UK in June), but also posted me their elegant catalogue of the books they will be publishing from July to December this year. The catalogue is available as a PDF download at the publisher's site. It's the publisher's second catalogue since they were founded in Spring 2009, and the 27 books in it are arranged as a "house of stories" in seven themes. The first of 
Blue heaven uk these is "cops and robbers" and the lead title in it is Blue Heaven by C.J. Box (July) which won the Edgar in 2008. The author's earlier novel, Three Weeks to Say Goodbye, was the first by him to be published in the UK, and very successfully so. About Blue Heaven, from the author's website:

A twelve-year-old girl and her younger brother go on the run in the woods of North Idaho, pursued by four men they have just watched commit murder—four men who know exactly who William and Annie are, and who know exactly where their desperate mother is waiting for news of her children’s fate. Retired cops from Los Angeles, the killers easily persuade the inexperienced sheriff to let them lead the search for the missing children.
William and Annie’s unexpected savior comes in the form of an old-school rancher teetering on the brink of foreclosure. But as one man against four who will stop at nothing to silence their witnesses, Jess Rawlins needs allies, and he knows that one word to the wrong person could seal the fate of the children or their mother. In a town where most of the ranches like his have turned into acres of ranchettes populated by strangers, finding someone to trust won’t be easy.

Another novel in the Corvus "cops and robbers" chapter is Rizzo's War by Lou Manfredo, described as "a gritty, realistic urban crime debut that does for Brooklyn's Little Italy what The Wire did for Baltimore". 
Rizzos war  The author worked in the Brooklyn criminal justice system for 25 years and has published short fiction. Here is a YouTube clip of him talking about Rizzo's War at the Mysterious Bookshop. The novel was published in the USA last year and will be out in the UK in October, with a sequel, Rizzo's Fire, following in 2011. 

Other chapters in the Corvus catalogue include "in the combat zone", "for love….or money", "spooks" (which includes Olen Steinhauer's The Nearest Exit), "the new weird", "crime scenes" (true, historical crime) and "Chung Ko", dedicated to a single book, Son of Heaven by David Wingrove, first of a 19-volume (!) near-future fantasy epic about the rise of China as the world's sole superpower. (See more about that at Wikipedia if you are intrigued.)


5 thoughts on “New books this year from Corvus

  1. Maxine – These look great. I’m eager to read Blue Heaven, myself, as I really enjoyed Three Weeks to Say Goodbye . Thanks for sharing these releases.

  2. I read an ARC of BLUE HEAVEN a couple of years ago (must have been the US version). It was terrific….off to look at the catalogue now….I do love catalogues in e-format (I can drool without feeling guilty about dead trees)

  3. Lovely looking catalogue. Among other things the Anne Holt book, 1222, has piqued my curiosity. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Oh, thanks Bernadette! It piqued mine too and I meant to include it in the post, but forgot. Thanks for the reminder. It’s part of the series Dorte has already read in Norwegian, about a character who comes into the Vik books as Johanne’s friend. Apparently she is an interesting character.

  5. I certainly think Hanne Wilhelmsen is a fascinating protagonist. The problem is that 1222 is the eighth or ninth novel about her.

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