Photo (real) this is it

IMG_0012 Pictured right are the books that I acquired last week, partly as a result of my trip to the London Book Fair (a lovely description of which is provided by Karen at Euro Crime blog) when I received a few from Karen and a few from publishers there; partly the fruits of my weakness in joining yet another book club and getting seven books for 99 p each plus a free one; partly a book I'd requested from a publisher (for the title as much as anything else, Water Blue Eyes); and partly a couple of unsolicited books from another publisher. Quite a challenging week, even for me.

This week, which is about to end, I acquired a more usual ballpark total of five books. One was requested by me from Karen to review for Euro Crime; one landed on the Nature Book Review shelves and was diverted to me by a kind colleague who had heard I was interested in Scandinavian crime fiction; one was sent to me by a publisher; and two more were sent unsolicited by another publisher (I have to say, the same publisher who sent me two unsolicited books the previous week!). 

So, fun though it will be to read most of these books (the free gift and at least one of the unsolicited ones are not for me), I think I will have to book them in for 2015. Or, as my kind camera-owning associate wrote (message in toto) when emailing me the illustration: Photo (real) this is it. 


9 thoughts on “Photo (real) this is it

  1. Maxine – It looks as though you have some terrific reads there! I know what you mean about “this is it,” though. I look forward to finding out what you think of them.

  2. Maxine- you are a popular lady with the publishers. ;o)
    Mind you part of my TBR pile has been moved to the garage! I am not in condition to protest and if I joined a book club I think I might being danger of brained by her indoors.

  3. Norman- luckily Prof P is usually too preoccupied with thinking about crossbridges (how muscle contracts) to notice that he actually now no longer can enter certain rooms. Also one person left for university leaving tempting storeroom….just as well as I have no garage. If I did I would probably be quietly living in it by now.
    Thanks Margot – might take me a while!

  4. Temptations, temptations!
    And I thought it was an advantage when one´s daughters moved away. But so far we can enter all rooms in our house!

  5. Maxine-Prof P….cross bridges, how muscle contracts?
    Coincidence I am trying to get my leg muscles, what is left of them, to contract. The strict regimen of exercises I have to do may result in me either falling over and breaking something else, or starring as Harold Abrahams in a remake of Chariots of Fire.

  6. The next book I’m gonna read is Water Blue Eyes (in Spanish “Ojos de agua”). So I will be very interested in your opinion. His second book “La playa del ahogado” was quite a success last year in Spain. By the way the english title is much better.

  7. I just keep telling myself that the world may not always be so bountiful so I’m making hay while the sun shines. Or something.
    You do have a good looking haul there and your summer hols are just round the corner. I am still a little irked that the rest of the world can get its hands on Gunshot Rd before we can. But my copy will get here once the backlog caused by ashmagedon is cleared.

  8. Bernadette – I was given a proof of Gunshot Road by a very nice person from your neck of the woods (well, country) at the Text publishing stand at the LBF. She had bought loads of proof copies of books with her and did not want to take any back – but because of the lack of attendance at the LBF owing to the volcano, she looked as if she was going to be lumbered. Hence she was very kindly offering me and Karen all sorts. Anyway – it was from her that I got this proof so maybe she would have one available for Aussie book bloggers? Anne [dot] beilby [at] textpublishing [dot] com [dot] au
    Jose – thanks for the info! I’m looking forward to your review. It looks a lot shorter than some of the other books from EuroCrime/Arcadia I have read recently (Woman from Bratislava, Che Committed Suicide and At Close Quarters.)
    Norman – unfortunately Prof P works at the molecular and submolecular level – whole collections of muscle fibres in vivo are a bit macro for him! But I’ll listen out for any tips. I will keep relatively quiet though in case he wants to stick you in a synchrotron and zap you with beams of particles.

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