Photo (real) this is it

IMG_0012 Pictured right are the books that I acquired last week, partly as a result of my trip to the London Book Fair (a lovely description of which is provided by Karen at Euro Crime blog) when I received a few from Karen and a few from publishers there; partly the fruits of my weakness in joining yet another book club and getting seven books for 99 p each plus a free one; partly a book I'd requested from a publisher (for the title as much as anything else, Water Blue Eyes); and partly a couple of unsolicited books from another publisher. Quite a challenging week, even for me.

This week, which is about to end, I acquired a more usual ballpark total of five books. One was requested by me from Karen to review for Euro Crime; one landed on the Nature Book Review shelves and was diverted to me by a kind colleague who had heard I was interested in Scandinavian crime fiction; one was sent to me by a publisher; and two more were sent unsolicited by another publisher (I have to say, the same publisher who sent me two unsolicited books the previous week!). 

So, fun though it will be to read most of these books (the free gift and at least one of the unsolicited ones are not for me), I think I will have to book them in for 2015. Or, as my kind camera-owning associate wrote (message in toto) when emailing me the illustration: Photo (real) this is it.