Alphabet in crime fiction: re-up

Kerrie of Mysteries in Paradise gave participants until the end of this week to write a wrap-up post to report our progress in her crime-fiction alphabet game. She's collecting them up at her blog. As it is now Friday evening in the UK I have left it a bit late, but nevertheless, here is my contribution.

I was a bit hesitant to start the task of writing a post every week for 26 weeks, but because I noticed a suitable book on my shelves for "A", I thought I'd at least start. I soon very much got into the swing of it, sometimes referring to published reviews, sometimes writing a small piece about an author and sometimes writing a straight book review. I very much enjoyed both writing my own posts and reading the other participants'.

As usual I took a boring option and decided to write about an author each week who has a surname beginning with that week's letter. Like everyone else, I found Q and X a bit of a challenge, but managed to rise to it.  My complete set of posts can be read in reverse chronological order here. 

Here is my alphabetical list of posts:

A: Hunt by A. Alvarez

B: Desmond Bagley

C: Robert Crais

D: Lief Davidsen

E: Kjell Eriksson, Ake Edwardson and Martin Edwards

F: Karin Fossum

G: Thumbprint by Friedrich Glauser

H: The Darkest Hour by Katherine Howell

I: Susan Isaacs

J: Mari Jungstedt

K: Gene Kerrigan

L: Asa Larsson

M: Liza Marklund

N: Ingrid Noll

O: Like Clockwork by Margie Orford

P: The Last Surgeon by Michael Palmer

Q: Sheila Quigley

R: Liz (Elizabeth) Rigbey

S: Last Light by Alex Scarrow

T: Snow Angels by James Thompson

U: Nicola Upson

V: Andrew Vachhs

W: Eye of Jade by Diane Wei Liang

X: Death of a Red Heroine by Qiu Xiaolong

Y: A Certain Malice by Felicity Young

Z: Dark Matter by Juli Zeh.

Thank you very much, Kerrie, for such an enjoyable exercise. I look forward to the next one!