Reading report, first quarter 2010

So far this year, I've read 26 books, which (excitingly) are listed below. I've reviewed all of these except one (The Winter House by Nicci Gerrard, a non-crime fiction book which I did not enjoy very much). Some of the reviews are posted here on Petrona, others at Euro Crime, and others are in the queue at Euro Crime. So far this year, 35 of my reviews have been posted in one of those two places (the discrepancy is due to a backlog of submitted reviews at Euro Crime).

Siren of the Waters – Michael Genelin ***
The Winter House – Nicci Gerrard **
The Last Surgeon – Michael Palmer ***
Books Whispers of the Dead – Simon Beckett ****
Like Clockwork – Maggie Orford **
The Snowman – Jo Nesbo *****
The Woman from Bratislava – Lief Davidsen ****
Thursday Night Widows – Claudia Pineiro ****
Where The Dead Lay – David Levien ***
The Stonecutter – Camilla Lackberg ***
Last Light – Alex Scarrow ***
The Serpent Pool – Martin Edwards *****
The Last Ten Seconds – Simon Kernick **
The Crossing Places – Elly Griffiths ****
Snow Angels – James Thompson ****
The Missing – Jane Casey ***
BooksThe Rising – Brian McGilloway *****
Thirteen Hours – Deon Meyer *****
At Close Quarters – Eugenio Fuentes ****
61 Hours – Lee Child ***
A Room Left White – Sophie Hannah ***
The Man From Beijing- Henning Mankell *****
Rupture – Simon Lelic ****
The Wings of the Sphinx by Andrea Camilleri *****
Death of a Red Heroine – Qiu Xiaolong ***
What to do When Someone Dies – Nicci French ***

Some thrilling statistics: of these 26, eight are translated (1 Italian, 2 Swedish, 1 Afrikaans, 1 Danish, 1 Spanish, 1 Norwegian, 1 Argentinian). Seven of the 26 are by women (plus one by a male-female duo). Seven of the 26 are debut novels, and 10 are by authors new to me. I have attempted to rank them with 1-5 stars but I find this type of exercise very difficult, partuclarly as the books are so different from each other.

I'm not going to provide a separate link to my review for each book above, but for those interested, a link to all the reviews I've published in 2010 is provided on a handy list at this Petrona page.
I archive all my book reviews at my Vox blog. I have organised the tags on this blog so you can see collections of reviews by country or by subgenre, such as police procedural, PI, psychology thriller, journalism, legal, political, etc. So far, for example, I have 36 reviews of books by Swedish authors, 10 reviews of Australian crime fiction,  25 reviews of psychological thrillers, and 7 reviews under 'journalism crime'.


6 thoughts on “Reading report, first quarter 2010

  1. I have also read 26 – the last review of these will be up on Monday. The problem is not reading 26 novels but writing proper reviews of them, especially if I do not take the time to jot down some notes while reading.
    Last year it was easier to keep track of what I had read in one year; Blogger just adds 2010 labels to those from 2009 so I can´t see how many Swedish novels I have read this year e.g.
    I do keep track of my reading challenges, though. I am precisely halfway both with the global reading challenge and what´s in a name. So statistically all is well, but the second half of the global challenge may be harder to get through.

  2. Thanks, Dorte. I’m going to assess my progress in the global reading challenge when I’ve finished the alphabet – I think I can only really manage to get my head round one task at a time, so far as blogging is concerned!
    The Global challenge – it’s that Antarctica which is a bit of a poser, esp if you aren’t into nazis, oil or the supernatural….
    I agree it is the review that can take the time, cf reading the book – sometimes it’s a bit hard to think of a fresh way to write a review.
    I think Blogger lets you make tags? That’s all I do in Vox, just add a tag of the country of author to each review. Maybe Blogger isn’t so obliging though, I do have a couple of Blogger blogs but I haven’t posted anything on them for about 2 years so I am sure Google have done lots of upgrades since then.

  3. Thanks for your list Maxine. You provide quite an impressive list with Camilleri, Mankell, Nesbo, Meyer, Edwards and McGilloway. I have Terracotta Dog, Nemesis and The Coffin Trail in my TBR pile, so I hope to read them soon and will add Dead Before Dying, The Man from Beijing and Borderlands.

  4. I think tags is what I call labels. I do use them, but I cannot see if “Swedish” refers to a 2010 review or one from 2009 so I have to check the labels and count how many I wrote after New Year. But I would have to anyway to find the exact number because I also put a “Swedish” label if I write a quotation from a book.
    Well, I am sure there are several things I could do if I wanted more ´bookkeeping´ so I am probably not curious enough ;D

  5. Maxine – That’s quite an impressive list! I am happy that you liked as many of them as you did, too, and there are about a dozen that are on my TBR list. I need to get busy with it!!

  6. Do you realise how many of those are now on my TBR shelves (or still making their way here in little packages of joy from book depository)? And you were correct in your comment at my blog – listening to audio books allows me to squeeze more reading time into my days as I use audio books for occasions when I can’t read with my eyeballs (mostly when walking, or country driving or when squished onto one of our inadequate buses hanging on for dear life with both hands).

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