Even richer in books (therefore poorer in time!)

After the excitement of the other day, when I reported on some tempting book deliveries, my busy postwoman (at the moment) has provided two more titles that are now jostling for my attention. As I am still reading the same book as I was when the earlier books were delivered (The man from Beijing by Henning Mankell), I can see I have a problem.

The first book to arrive, all the way from California, is B-very flat, the latest novel by the very talented Margot Kinberg, whose blog, Confessions of a mystery novelist, is a must-Bflat Moneytoburn_lg read. Margot's first novel, Publish or Perish, is an academic mystery with a light, pacy tone but an underlying serious message about the pressures of research life. The second book is about a talented violinist, and you can see the really rather beautiful, classy video trailer for it here. I am so much looking forward to reading this novel, and thank Margot for her generosity in sending it to me, and for the charming message she wrote inside the book.

The second book also comes from the United States, this time in proof form from its generous publisher, Harper Collins. Money to Burn by James Grippando is a topical thriller in which Ivy, the lover of Michael, a young Wall St investment banker vanishes on their honeymoon. Some years later, Michael is the victim of cyber crime, in which his investments are wiped out, he's on the verge of bankruptcy and he is suspected of criminal espionage by the police. Grippando has written fifteen previous novels, a few of which I have read (one of them, Lying with Strangers, I reviewed), and was a trial lawyer for twelve years. I can't wait to read this one.

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