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Clare I was delighted to read on Clare Dudman's blog, Keeper of the Snails, that A Place of Meadows and Tall Trees, Clare's new novel, is now listed on Amazon and available for pre-order. What great news, Clare! If you go to the US Amazon site, you can see what the book's about:

Impoverished and oppressed, they'd been promised paradise on earth: a land flowing with milk and honey. But what the settlers found after a devastating sea journey was a cold South American desert where nothing could survive except tribes of nomadic Tehuelche Indians, possibly intent on massacring them. Silas James fears he has been tricked into sacrificing everything he loves for another man's impossible dream. But despite his hatred of the politically adept Edwyn Owen, and under the watchful eye of Indian shaman Yelue, a new culture takes root as an old one passes away. A Place of Meadows and Tall Trees is a lyrical and insightful evocation of the trials of the first Welsh Patagonian colonists as they battle to survive hunger, loss, and each other.

I am certainly looking forward to reading this novel, having thoroughly enjoyed Clare's earlier book, Wegener's Jigsaw (US title: One Day the Ice will Reveal All its Dead), a fictionalised account of the life of Alfred Wegener, most famous for developing the theory of continental drift but a polymath. Clare describes the book on her website. She is also author of 98 Reasons for Being, about Dr Heinrich Hoffman, author of the children's book Struwwelpeter.

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