New books by Chessex and Kinberg

A couple of newly published books caught my attention in the past week or two – books that are destined for my reading shelves.

"A novel based on a true story . . .On April 16, 1942, a few days before Hitler’s birthday, a Jew handful of Swiss Nazis in Payerne lure Arthur Bloch, a Jewish cattle merchant, into a stable and kill him with an iron bar. Europe is in flames, but this is Switzerland, and Payerne, a rural market town of butchers and bankers, is more concerned with unemployment and local bankruptcies than the fate of nations across the border. Fernand Ischi, leader of the local Nazi cell, blames everything on the Jews and Bloch’s murder is to be an example, a foretaste of what is to come once the Nazis take over Switzerland." So runs part of the publisher's description of A Jew Must Die, by award-winning Swiss author Jacques Chessex and translated from the French by W. Donald Wilson, a professor at the University of Waterloo, Canada. The book is published in the UK this month.

 “A novella of immense power… In its imagined evocation of historical fact, A Jew Must Die is in itself a justification of the power of art. This brief, disturbing masterpiece goes to the heart of the creative process.” The Independent. Chessex is, according to the publisher, considered one of Switzerland’s greatest authors. His other works include The Vampire of Ropraz, also published by Bitter Lemon Press.

B-very flat is the second novel in the Joel Williams series by the accomplished author Margot Kinberg.  "Is anyone really safe? Not necessarily. At nineteen years old, Serena Brinkman, an Bflat undergraduate violin major at Tilton University, seems to have a very secure future; she's got good looks, money, people who love her, and rare musical talent. She's also got a coveted Amati violin, a musical rival, friends whose secrets she knows, and an obsessed fan." Having very much enjoyed the first novel in this series, Publish or Perish (who can resist a book with that title?!), I'm certainly looking forward to the second. Here's a sample from my review of the first novel: "The pace never flags as the investigation narrows down to a small group of suspects, and previous associations become clearer. I thoroughly enjoyed Publish or Perish, and can recommend it to anyone who wants to be taken out of themselves for a couple of hours, and who is curious about the backstabbing and doublespeak that can go on in the groves of academe."

4 thoughts on “New books by Chessex and Kinberg

  1. Ole had ordered my birthday presents a bit belatedly so I got Stieg Larsson´s second (DVD) on the day, Martin Edwards´ The Serpent Pool today, and he had to ask me to order Margot´s book myself as he hadn´t been able to find it. What more could I wish for? I know it will take some weeks before I can hold it in my hand, but never mind, it is great to have something to look forward to.

  2. Oh, happy (belated) birthday Dorte! I hope you had a lovely day – left in peace to read, perhaps? 😉
    I am sure I shall enjoy the book, Margot.

  3. Thank you. My birthday was my last day of work before my holidays, but my sweet students sang a birthday song for me, and I had a week´s holiday to look forward to so I could live with that.

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