Game, sets and matching titles

Feeling in a bit of a silly mood, I thought I would share some of the titles of the many books that are sitting on my shelves waiting to be read. They seem to fall into sets. Here's one:

The Last Ten Seconds (Simon Kernick)
Six Seconds (Rick Mofina)
Thirteen Hours (Deon Meyer)
Thursday Night Widows (Claudia Pineiro)

Another set:

The Black Monastery (Stav Sherez)
The Dark Vineyard (Martin Walker)
Last Light (Alex Scarrow)
Black Out (John Lawton)
This Night's Foul Work (Fred Vargas)
Blacklands (Belinda Bauer)
Dark of the Moon (John Sandford)
Dying Light (Stuart McBride)
[Light Reading (Aliya Whiteley) – does not really fit here]


The Eye of Jade (Diane Wei Liang)
Tomato Red (Daniel Woodrell)
White Corridor (Christopher Fowler)
Steel Witches (Patrick Lennon)
Sunstroke (Jesse Kellerman)
A Trace of Smoke (Rebecca Cantrell)


Where the Dead Lay (David Levien)
Die a Little (Megan Abbott)
Death in Breslau (M Krajewski)
Death and the Devil (Frank Shatzing)
Dead at Daybreak (Deon Meyer)
Dying in Style  (Elaine Veits)
Deadly Deception (Peter Conway)
Dead Calm (Charles Williams)
Handling the Undead (John Ajvide Lindqvist)
Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death (M C Beaton)


The Crossing Places (Elly Griffiths)
Roadside Crosses (Jeffrey Deaver)
Cross (Ken Bruen)

The Sins of the Children  (James Brownley)
The Children of Men (P D James)
Child 44 (Tom Rob Smith)
Brother & Sister (Joanna Trollope)
The Good Husband of Zebra Drive (Alexander McCall Smith)
The Water Widow (Ella Griffiths)

Judas Heart (Ingrid Black)
Pieces of my Heart (Peter Robinson)
Heart of the Hunter (Deon Meyer)
Skin and Bone (Kathryn Fox)
The Wings of the Sphinx (Andrea Camilleri)

Stop press: Thanks to Dorte, I can now create another category:
Snow Angels (James Thompson) (thanks Dorte!)
Winterland (Alan Glynn)
[Unusual to have so few snowy wintery books at the moment, as they seem to make up much of my reading! I have just finished reading The Snowman by Jo Nesbo, so that missed the cut. With a different twist, I could add A Quiet Belief in Angels by James Ellory to Dorte's generous gift, instead of pursuing a weather/seasonal theme.]

I also have many books that I feel ought to be part of categories, but I only have one title at the moment, for example: numbers (The Tenth Case by Joseph Teller); disappearances (The Missing by Jane Casey); and waking up (Awakening by S J Bolton and The Rising by Brian McGilloway (joke – I don't know anything about The Rising, yet, but I doubt it is related to sleeping) ). I also have the odd ghost, journey, object (stone, jewel), dream/nightmare, animal, and wood/forest.

It's enough to make you pleased when you have books on your shelf with titles like "I was Dora Suarez" or "The Curse of the Pogo Stick" (awaiting my perusal, together with many others not mentioned here).

How well can you do at creating categories out of your "to be read" books? No cheating, the titles have to be books physically on your shelf or in your e-reader/audio device that you haven't yet read, and not books that you haven't yet obtained or books that you have already read. I look forward to seeing if anyone can get a greater set-tally than me!

[Many of the books mentioned here are from publishers, either via Karen of Euro Crime, or directly sent to me. More than several, however, I have purchased myself, some of them a very long time ago!]