Reading books and blogs in 2009

My favourites among the books I've reviewed in 2009 will soon feature on Euro Crime, but in the meantime, here are my reading statistics for the year:

I read 105 books in 2009.

Of these, 42 were translated into English from other languages.

Of the 105 books, 51 were by women, 54 men.

40 of the books I read were by authors new to me – and of these, 30 (to my knowledge) were debut novels.

I published 81 book reviews this year, mostly on Euro Crime or Petrona. I wrote 16 more book reviews which are in the press at Euro Crime. The remaining 8 books are unreviewed, either because I didn't find enough to like or because I read them on holiday while I was offline from any form of electronic input medium for a couple of weeks.

All my book reviews are archived here, categorised by genre and country of author.

Turning to blogs, I discovered four new blogs in 2009 which I enjoy reading very much, and commend them to anyone who has not yet discovered them:

Confessions of a mystery novelist by Margot Kinberg*

View from the Blue House by Rob Kitchin

Big Beat from Badsville by Donna Moore

Crime Watch by Craig Sisterson.

* Additional commendation for consistently thoughtful posts and a friendly, active discussion salon.

Of the blogs to which I already subscribed before 2009, I'd like to mention some of my favourites (criteria are at least 2 posts a week):

Crime fiction:

Crime Scraps (Norman)
DJ's Krimiblog (Dorte)
Do you write under your own name? (Martin Edwards)
Euro Crime blog (Karen)
It's a Crime (Crimefictionreader)
Mysteries in Paradise (Kerrie)
Reactions to Reading (Bernadette)**

[Added later: International Noir Fiction (Glenn Harper)** ]

** Additional commendation for consistently excellent book reviews.

Reading (any genre):

Random Jottings (Elaine)
Reading Matters (Kim)


Comment Central (The Times: Hattie Garlick and Daniel Finkelstein)
Debtonation (Ann Pettifor)
Don's Life (Mary Beard)

I love lots of other blogs, many of which provide interesting links to external sites, but the above-named are the ones that consistently provide engaging (to me) content on a regular basis (I've excluded a few favourites that would have been included but which don't post very often).