Join Dorte’s Global Reading Challenge for 2010

Globus_2 Dorte of DJ's Krimiblog has had the great idea of a global reading challenge to collect reviews of books written by authors from all the continents, during 2010. She's set up a global reading challenge blog in which each continent has a separate post. To enter the challenge (which has three levels), all you need to do is to add a link to your blog or website to this post. So far (3 Jan), 45 people have signed up, including authors of books, bloggers and others.

To participate, when you review a book, simply post a link to your review (using "Mr Linky") at the global challenge blog post for the continent relevant to the book's author. Thus, a collection of reviews grouped by continent/country will be built up over 2010, to provide a great snapshot of books from each region.

As of today, the leading continents are Asia (two linked reviews of books, one from Japan and the other Turkey) and Australasia (two linked reviews of the same Australian book!). There is one linked review for each of South America (Brazil), North America (USA) and Africa (South Africa). Europe and Antarctica are waiting for their first links to reviews.

Sign up for the global reading challenge here. (Any genre of book, fiction and non-fiction, is eligible). This post contains the details of the three levels of challenge.