A last (?) look at some overdone topics

On this last day of the year, I thought I'd ask myself (and you) which topics have cropped up on blogs and the internet just too much during 2009, and which you hope not to have to read about any more after tomorrow (2010)? My fervent wishes are for silence on the following overexposed subjects:

  • Dan Brown (any aspect).
  • E-books "versus" print books (they can coexist).
  • Disputes about whether there are serious problems that need to be faced concerning global climate. (There are serious problems, let's move on from arguing about that and look at how to address them.)
  • Moaning about Barack Obama's policies on health care, Iraq and the global financial crisis. Constructive comments are fine, moaning is just tedious and repetitive, especially on book blogs!
  • Articles about Swedish crime novels which assume the country's entire output is limited to Stieg Larsson, Henning Mankell and Sjowall/Wahloo.
  • Assumptions that all or most Scandinavian crime fiction is "gloomy" and uneventful.
  • Directionless moaning about Google/Microsoft/Facebook/Twitter [insert company name] taking over the internet and invading everyone's personal privacy.
  • Finally, though I don't want total silence on the topic, I hope we don't have to read excessive debates about digital rights management/format for books, or too much about the Apple "tablet" (the all-singing, all-dancing device that will at a stroke render e-readers, portable computers, phones, music players, and every other mobile device redundant…..hmmmm).

It isn't that I exactly mind any of the above topics (except possibly any discussion involving Dan Brown), it is rather that I have seen/scanned/part-read just too many identical articles about them. I'm always open to reading anything by anybody if an original point is being made, but it just isn't interesting to see yet another derivative post or newspaper piece about an overhashed (is that a word?) matter.