Look out for Swedish Book Review 2010-1

If you are thinking of buying a translated crime novel from Amazon, there is a good chance it will have been reviewed there by Simon Clarke.  I find Simon's Amazon reviews an incredibly helpful guide to whether or not to buy the book – and it's amazing how he always seems to have read the latest, say, Scandinavian novel whenever I first hear of it and go to check it out on Amazon. Thanks to Simon for this greatly appreciated activity.

Swedish book review Simon emailed the other week with some welcome news: he says that the first edition of the Swedish Book Review will be a 'Crime' edition. The first edition of the year is usually out around April time, writes Simon. From the journal's website:  "Swedish Book Review was launched in 1983. It publishes two main issues and a supplement every year, normally in June and December (total number of pages per year: circa 200). The main aim of SBR is to present Swedish literature to the English-speaking world. It carries translated extracts from the works of Swedish writers, often together with an introductory article. Most contributors are based outside Sweden, but familiar with the Swedish scene: they can therefore reflect Swedish views on their literature, and also provide a valuable international perspective. As well as established writers, SBR introduces new or lesser-known writers (including Finland-Swedish authors and poets). At least one writer in this category is introduced in each issue, and the 1999 Supplement was devoted to new writing."

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