Happy New Year

Apart from two or three pre-timed posts, I haven't written on this blog for about 10 days, owing to my right arm being incapacitated after an operation. As I managed to make the Christmas dinner more or less completely left-handed yesterday, I thought I could run to a blog post today to wish everyone a very happy, if belated, Christmas and a wonderful new year. I spend my blogless phase reading several books and drafting reviews of them in my head. I also decided to clean the Augean stables and embark on my "to be read" shelf – as a result of which I now have a pile of 20 books that I did not finish – I soldiered on to page 100 or beyond in each case, but decided that I would not continue after that point. My confidence wobbled a little (had I gone off reading?), but I did note from the Amazon slips in the books that they date back to 2004 in some cases. My reading choices have become much more refined (in one sense of the word, anyway) since I discovered RSS and blog book reviews 4 years ago.
However, by Christmas morning I had not finished a book for some days, so I was very pleased to receive not one but every book on my list. A kind daughter has taken a picture of my spoils so I can show them to you:

Xmas 09I'm not sure how easy it is to see these selections, but other than the Thesaurus and the book by Nicci Gerrard I have my blogger and internet friends to thank for these books. I have started one already, as the very eagle-eyed will be able to tell by spotting the bookmark.

I hope that you, too, received some good reading material, and indeed if necessary other gifts, for Christmas (or alternative celebration). I look forward to hearing about which books you received, if so, and what you think of them when you have read them.

I think that is all that I can manage to write for now, so farewell for the time being; I'll try to post again briefly tomorrow.