Christmas crime: Blood Safari by Deon Meyer (translated by K L Seegers)

Christmas_title I've been finding it a bit hard to come up with entries for Kerrie's "suggest a Christmas title" collection because I don't read books with an explicitly Christmas theme, rather I find that I am (occasionally) reading a book which turns out to be set in part at Christmas. I read one of these recently, Blood Safari by Deon Meyer, and fortuitously my review of this book was published earlier this week at Euro Crime. My review starts:

"BLOOD SAFARI, originally written in Afrikaans, is an excellent thriller which held me completely entranced from the moment I opened it and read the first page. I'm a sucker for many of its themes, not least the damaged loner protagonist Lemmer, an ex-con now working as a bodyguard for a company called Body Armour, owned and run by Jeanette Louw, one of the most original owners of a security company I've come across in my reading travels.
Lemmer is renovating his house in a small, neighbourly town of Loxton, South Africa. He's knocking down a wall on Christmas day when Jeanette phones him to offer him a job as bodyguard to rich “brand consultant” Emma le Roux. Emma's house was broken into and she was attacked by three armed, masked men a few days previously, barely escaping with her life…."

Read on at Euro Crime for the rest of my review, and do let me highly recommend this superb thriller/detective story. Although the main events take place over the holiday period, you won't find many, if any, Christmas trees, and not a leg of turkey or sprig of mistletoe in sight.

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