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For those interested in international crime writing, Crime Scene is a Crime Time series edited by Bob Cornwell, which looks at "the very best of the international crime writing scene", country by country. Each country profile collects key facts, relevant figures, publishing trends, notable writers, crime fiction festivals and prizes. And each issue is compiled by writers, bibliographers, or other experts active on the Crime Scene in question. Each profile is available to download in PDF format and more will be added as the series develops. So far, countries profiled are France, The Netherlands and Switzerland, characterised by cover images of a mean street, a pair of legs wearing pink high heels, and a pile of sausages, respectively. These PDFs look like excellent resources, and just as soon as I can get my new(ish) computer to talk to the printer, I shall be downloading them to plan some reading. I'll also be checking the Crime Scene index page now and again to see which country will be added next.

Another crime-fiction website, CrimeSquad, among other riches is running an interview with Camilla Noli, who has written a highly controversial debut, The Mother's Tale, about the extraordinary pressures on a new mother and her desire to kill her own child. According to CrimeSquad, the book was deemed so controversial that it was delayed a year in publication in deference to public outrage at the Baby P case. (I can't find the interview with the author at the CrimeSquad site, but maybe others have better detective skills than me.)

Other crime-fiction resources include:

Mystery Readers Journal

Shots Ezine

Reviewing the Evidence, whose home page is currently featuring Sharon and Yvonne's top-ten reading lists for the year – with only one overlapping title.

Euro Crime  (my favourite! but they are all great sites.)

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  1. Thanks for your comments. Kerrie, yes Crime Fiction Journeys is a great resource I agree, I use it a lot. Here in this post I was limiting myself to websites with original content, eg reviews. Indeed, Bernadette, I was rather hoping they’d do Antarctica, Chile and Tibet 😉

  2. Thanks very much for the plug Maxine. Italy will be the next up in the Crime Scene series, complied by Gian Franco Orsi, once a director of Il Giallo Mondadori, the crime imprint that has been the backbone of crime and noir fiction in Italy since 1929 (apart from the early 1940s when Mussolini shut them down). Orsi is also a regular judge of the Giorgio Scerbanenco Prize, the top prize for Italian writers of crime, now awarded annually at the Noir in Festival, in the Italian alpine resort of Courmayeur. There is a short piece on this festival now on the Crime Time site as a kind of a trailer for the later article (which, hopefully, will be ready early in the New Year).
    I’ve been dropping in the occasional article on the Crime Time site on matters European just lately, for example on Vienna’s Kriminacht (Crime Night), the Austrian crime writer’s annual effort to publicise their increasing presence in the German-speaking market. I invite your readers to drop in from time to time.
    Thanks too to you for your own excellent blog, an increasingly important weather vane for translated crime fiction in this country. Great stuff!

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