Don’t mess with the peer-review process

There is always a first time for everything. I didn't think I'd ever attempt to put a video on this blog, but having been shown this on YouTube last night, I thought I'd share it. I have seen other subtitles (on other subjects) applied to this clip, but this particular one is very funny.

4 thoughts on “Don’t mess with the peer-review process

  1. Seen this clip adapted to lots of different’calamities’ e.g. twitter being down (also v funny) but this one really well done. I especially like the female aside ‘Not true, they were high ranking last year.”

  2. Yes, Norman, I’d be a bit gutted if I were ed of Scientific American and had to publish Hitler. Clare – agreed, whoever made this clip is certainly well-versed in scientific journal publishing and the associated “assessment metric” shenanigans.

  3. The video is both funny and provocative, and it suggests this question: Does Herr Adolf also have a stake in the climate-change data fiasco?

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