Free Agent or Lost Symbol?

In last week's (13 November) Bookseller, Robert Chilver, a buyer at Waterstone's in Colchester, took his turn to reveal his current reading likes and dislikes.

He's loving Free Agent by Jeremy Duns (Simon & Schuster £12.99). "After a jaw-dropping first chapter, I was quickly drawn into Jeremy Duns' excellent thriller……It reveals insights into a relatively unknown era without ever infringing on the twisting plot. With a protagonist you can never quite trust, this is a real page-turner."

Free Agent was reviewed recently at Euro Crime by Michelle Peckham, who writes: "on the cover of the copy I was sent to review it says 'Top Secret, Uncorrected proof'. On the fly leaf, the official looking stamp urges me not to leave the book on a train, plane, in a car or on the bus." She finds the book well plotted and enjoyable 'boy's own' stuff.

Returning to Robert Chilver, he is not loving The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown: …"the hype was far more entertaining than the book…..Thrillers essentially need to be thrilling and whereas Duns creates a fast-paced, exciting ride, Brown's idea of creating tension is a page break."

Brief Guardian review of Free Agent. "Be warned: Duns loves shocking reversals".

Permission to Kill: interview with Jeremy Duns who, echoing Michelle's words, says: "I want people who don’t usually read thrillers to read my work, and hope that pretty much anyone over the age of fourteen or so could enjoy Free Agent."


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  1. This has the same slant another recent article expressed about how lame Dan Brown’s novel was and that more exciting writers were out there but not talked about by the brown shirts of the literary world who like to dictate what is suppose to be good or not.

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