news for November

On the cover of my edition of GO WITH ME is a quote from a review in the Wall Street Journal: ‘A novel with echoes of DELIVERANCE and Cormac McCarthy.’ For me, that promised scary hillbillies, a gothic plot, powerful spare writing and wilderness, and, to some extent, that’s what Castle Freeman’s short novel delivers. But hang on, this is not the badlands of the deep south: this is Vermont, heart of New England, land of chocolate box villages, kissing bridges and ‘leaf-peepers’ who swarm the state in their thousands to drink in the glorious spectacle of the Fall. Isn’t it?

Go With Me is the book of the month at, which is also running an interview with the author, Castle Freeman. If the book sounds your kind of thing, you can enter a competition to win a copy. (There are also other competitions on the site, for example you can enter a draw to win a copy of the very well-received Sweeping Up Glass by Carolyn Wall, published by Quercus.)

I highly recommend the website. Even if you aren't in or looking for a book group, the site is a great collection of reviews, interviews and other reading resources. More about Irene Haynes and Clare Chandler and their site can be found here.