My Euro Crime reviews for October

The start of a new month prompts me to look at the books I reviewed at Euro Crime during October. (See here for September's batch.)

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, by Stieg Larsson and translated by Reg Keeland, was of course the big title of the month. I wrote: "The Millennium Trilogy is a fantastically exciting and original set of books, admittedly with flaws, but with a great breadth and intelligence – of the characters as well as of the story – and with an ability to draw the reader in to an exciting narrative so that one is lost in the book, not knowing whether to turn the pages rapidly to find out what happens next, or to turn them slowly to prolong the totally mesmerising read". More here.

The Lie, by Petra Hammesfahr and translated by Mike Mitchell. From my review: "Somewhere in all this there is a good little psychological thriller struggling to get out, but unfortunately, for me it never does …. Suzanne is the only character with life or depth, and the aspects of the plot concerning her non-Nadia life are the most interesting." This author wrote the superb The Sinner (translator, John Brownjohn), which I'd recommend much more highly, though it is very dark.

Good Night, My Darling, by Inger Frimansson and translated by Laura A. Wideburg. A haunting novel whose author "has a wonderful ability to draw the reader right in to her subjects' lives and preoccupations." I very much enjoyed reading this book that digs under the surface of small-town life and the veneer of people's public images.

Hypothermia, by Arnaldur Indridason and translated by Victoria Cribb. I wrote: "among the very best of the books I've read this year. It's the sixth of the author's Erlendur series to be translated into English; it is truly a mature, masterful and utterly fantastic book."  I described it as "brilliantly depressive" on Twitter, where every word has to count. It could certainly be read and enjoyed without having read the author's earlier books, but you'd be missing out on a real treat if you miss those!

I have an archive of all my reviews over at Vox, a blog platform that seems to be having a few technical troubles at the moment. I hope these are resolved soon, and that Six Apart (owners of Typepad) don't give up on it, as I'd hate to have to shift all those book reviews!

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