Alphabet in crime fiction: Desmond Bagley

B This is my second entry in Kerrie's alphabet meme.
During the 1970s, I was an avid reader of authors like Alistair MacLean, Hammond Innes and Desmond Bagley. I liked Desmond Bagley’s thrillers so much that I actually kept a couple of my favourites from all those years ago – Fontana paperbacks priced at 85 p each.
It’s quite amusing looking at these titles now. One is called Running Blind, and the blurb reads:
The tip of the iceberg…. “It’ll be simple”, they said at the Department. “You’ll just be a messenger boy.” But to Alan Stewart, on a deserted road in Iceland with a murdered man at his feet, it looks anything but simple.
The cover of my edition is a dark photograph of a handsome looking actor with a flash stating “now a BBC TV serial”. I am not sure whether I ever watched it, we did not have a TV in those days and I don’t remember it, but according to the back cover, the hero is played by Stuart Wilson, and the serial was produced by Bob McIntosh for BBC Scotland.

My other favourite, I think the favourite, The Enemy, I recall because it was a scientific thriller about genetics, and the plot depended on knowing the DNA code. I don’t remember any other details about it (apart from liking it so much I read it about three times). The blurb reads:
The enemy strikes and strikes again, as George Ashton flees for his life after an acid attack on his daughter. Who is his enemy? Only Malcolm Jaggard, his future son-in-law, can guess – when, as a government agent, he sees Ashton’s secret file.
In a desperate manhunt Jaggard outwits the KGB and stalks Ashton to the silent and wintry forests of Sweden….

Iceland? Sweden? I detect a bit of a foreshadowing of my later reading habits here!