Ann Pettifor interview in The Times today

Ann In today's Times (Business section) there is an interview with/profile of the marvellous Ann Pettifor. It is the best article I've read in the Times today, so I am sharing it here. She is someone with intelligence, originality, practicality and vision – rather a contrast with a weedy, bandwaggony moan from David Cameron in an earlier part of today's paper about the Lockerbie bomber's release (not worthy of a link, you can predict exactly what it says without needing to read it).

Ann Pettifor on the other hand has written two books about the global financial crisis (before it happened); she has things to say about our situation today and she is qualified to say them. She thinks that the economy is still in freefall and that politicians are being far too complacent about it – and thinks it is wrong that the British government has used billions of pounds of the taxpayers' money to bail out the banks without insisting on changes in behaviour. Instead, she says, this public money should be used to bail out small businesses and households facing bankruptcy, to stimulate the economy and pull us out of a depression.

Ann Pettifor is asked a lot of tough questions in the Times interview, and provides factual, specific, clear answers. How unlike a politician, government minister, banker or most pundits!  I urge you to read this article. (If you like what you read, sign up to Ann's Debtonation blog for her regular updates about the financial crisis.) We need more leaders and other influential personalities who are as ahead of the game as is Ann Pettifor – then there would be more hope for us. I'm voting for her as our next Prime Minister.