My reviews of Creed, Fitzgerald and Edwardson at Euro Crime

I hope that by now I have run out of things to complain about (see previous two posts) and can move on to more constructive topics. While I was on my recent holiday, and in the immediate aftermath of my return, three of my book reviews were published at Euro Crime.

Suffer the Children by Adam Creed is a debut novel, first of a series about DI Will Wagstaffe, or "Staffe" as he is known, based in London. This series has a lot of potential but I think that future books could benefit from containing fewer details (especially gory ones!). But definitely a promising debut and one that readers missing Rebus or Frost might well enjoy.

My Last Confession by Helen Fitzgerald is the second story to feature the charming but feckless Krissie Donald. The story is a sharp and humorous satire written in a frothy style, but which I could not enjoy quite as much as I was supposed to. Many readers will have great fun with this engaging novel, though, I am sure.

Frozen Tracks by Ake Edwardson, translated from the Swedish by the eminent Laurie Thompson, is my personal favourite of this trio. It is the third novel in the DI Erik Winter series to be translated into English and is a satisfying read, both as a police procedural and in the way in which the author writes about his child characters.

5 thoughts on “My reviews of Creed, Fitzgerald and Edwardson at Euro Crime

  1. I have read most of Åke Edwardson´s novels. I think the first one is very quiet (read slightly boring)- it is a Jonathan Wide mystery, like the second, which is much better.
    The first six Erik Winter stories have been fine, but I found it hard to concentrate on the seventh, perhaps because Winter thinks too much and acts too little.
    And Helen Fitzgerald is waiting for me on my shelf at home. We are staying in our cottage for the time being though (having no roof over our heads at home) – don´t remember if I have told you.

  2. No Dorte, I did not know about your rooflessness: I hope it is not as dramatic as it sounds! Lucky you have an alternative home from the sounds of it.
    I agree that Edwardson’s books (we have only three translated so far) are not pacy, but this is somehow welcome compared to more frenetic novels. In this particular book I really liked the way he wrote about the children.
    I hope you enjoy the Fitzgerald: I look forward to how your view differs from mine (or is similar, perhaps!).

  3. So that’s a definite one and a maybe added to my wishlist. I enjoyed Fitzgerald’s DEAD LOVELY but was a bit disappointed to see that her new book was continuing with the same character – to me the first book was a solid standalone story and I’m not panting to read more of Krissie’s adventures. So that one’s a maybe while FROZEN TRACKS looks excellent. And I have that Book Depository voucher for 10% of all purchases…..

  4. Well, our rooflessness was all according to plan (too many holes in the old roof) so we just informed the church council that we would move into our cottage rather than having tarpaulins in front of the bedrooms and being disturbed by seven every morning. No problem there, but it seems it takes quite a long time to put on the new one. I have brought a bunch of books of course, but a bit haphazardly. One always misses the books one does not have.

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