My reviews of Creed, Fitzgerald and Edwardson at Euro Crime

I hope that by now I have run out of things to complain about (see previous two posts) and can move on to more constructive topics. While I was on my recent holiday, and in the immediate aftermath of my return, three of my book reviews were published at Euro Crime.

Suffer the Children by Adam Creed is a debut novel, first of a series about DI Will Wagstaffe, or "Staffe" as he is known, based in London. This series has a lot of potential but I think that future books could benefit from containing fewer details (especially gory ones!). But definitely a promising debut and one that readers missing Rebus or Frost might well enjoy.

My Last Confession by Helen Fitzgerald is the second story to feature the charming but feckless Krissie Donald. The story is a sharp and humorous satire written in a frothy style, but which I could not enjoy quite as much as I was supposed to. Many readers will have great fun with this engaging novel, though, I am sure.

Frozen Tracks by Ake Edwardson, translated from the Swedish by the eminent Laurie Thompson, is my personal favourite of this trio. It is the third novel in the DI Erik Winter series to be translated into English and is a satisfying read, both as a police procedural and in the way in which the author writes about his child characters.