Has anyone read The Dying Light by Henry Porter?

I have been asked by a user of Nature Network whether I have read The Dying Light, a new thriller by Henry Porter. Apparently there is an interesting video about the book on this Amazon page. I'm sure the book is very good, but not sure that it is my cup of tea, so if anyone has read it and can provide an opinion, that would be very kind.

From the Amazon review:

At his funeral the bells of the church were rung open rather than half-muffled, as is usual for the dead. Kate Lockhart has come with corporate leaders, ministers and intelligence chiefs to a beautiful town in the Welsh Marches to mourn her soul mate, David Eyam, the brightest government servant of his generation. All that remains of Eyam are the burnt fragments of a man killed far from home in a devastating explosion. But Eyam has left a devastating legacy and certain members of the congregation on that bitterly cold March day are desperate to suppress it. A group of locals come to feel the full weight of the state's determination. Kate Lockhart, now a Mergers and Acquisitions lawyer from Manhattan but a former SIS officer in Indonesia is equal to Eyam's legacy . She becomes the focus of the state's paranoiac power and leads the local resistance to it, with all the cunning of her former trade, directed from beyond the grave by Eyam. The state is no match for the genius of the dead.

Frank Wilson of Books, Inq. is now on Twitter

Breaking news: Frank Wilson of Books, Inq. is now on Twitter. Follow him here or via @Booksinq .

A beautiful poem by Frank, Wayfaring, is up on his blog today -  you can also hear him read it in a podcast.