Testimony and Explorers of the New Century

I read a couple of good reviews recently of books that I am thinking of reading (though have not yet decided to buy). Becky of A Book A Week reviews Anita Shreeve's Testimony:

Shreve uses multiple points of view to reveal the various characters and what they are thinking. By including the voices of even very small players (the boy from town who provided the liquor) she adds layers of nuance to her story.

And Kim of Reading Matters homes in on Explorers of the New Century by Magnus Mills:

…starts out as a rather fun, light-hearted story about two groups of explorers competing to reach the "furtherest point from civilisation". One group — Scandinavian, small and efficient — follows a dry riverbed; the second — British, large and disorganised — takes a different route across an endless landscape of scree………….just as you're coming to grips with this new turn of events, he delivers another surprise twist that turns everything, and I mean everything, on its head.

It isn't as if I exactly need any more books to read…