Welcome to Crime Watch and Lab Literal

I welcome to new blogs to the merry world of the internet. One of them isn't that new, actually, but I've only just become aware of it. It's called Crime Watch, and is Craig Sisterson's news and musings on New Zealand and international crime/thriller writing. Craig is a features writer and crime-fiction reviewer; in fact he is already writing for Euro Crime – here's his recent review of Mark Billingham's Bloodline – I just shortsightedly hadn't noticed that he also has a blog. You might enjoy his excellent feature on an old favourite of mine, Ngaio Marsh. (Is she the most famous NZ crime-fiction author ever?)

The second blog, Lab Literal, really is new – born yesterday, when Bill Hanage kicked off LabLit's new blog – or as he puts it, "Spurs supporters look away now". (That's no problem among some residents of Petrona Towers though others have a quiet nostalgia for the team featured in Hunter Davis's The Glory Glory Game). If you want to know a bit more about the blog, and LabLit (dedicated to the culture of science in fiction and fact), visit here.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Craig and Bill. I've subscribed to both blogs in my RSS reader, and might even get around to updating my sadly cobweb-covered blogroll one of these days.