I think I have just about decided…

Thank you very much for your advice about books to take on holiday. The choice was a tough one, slightly skewed to what I have in paperback (not so heavy). I commissioned a local photographer to show you my (I think) final selection:

Holiday readingIn some cases, the advice took the form of actual books (thanks, Karen! and also thanks Sam of Transworld and James of PanMacmillan), and in others, it took the form of recommendations (thanks Norman, Dorte and Bernadette, and to them and Kerrie and others for reviews that have led to some of these selections). The Crow Trap by Ann Cleeves is going in my hand baggage – and possibly one other "just in case". (I never like to be anywhere without two books in easily reachable form.) However, if I am lucky, the airport WH Smith will be honouring the offer at UK stores from tomorrow (Monday) all week, which is that the paperback of Linwood Barclay's new novel, Too Close to Home, is available for £2.99 if you buy a copy of The Times. (Otherwise you can get it for £3.89 at Amazon, £4.99 at British Bookshops/Sussex Stationers, or "buy one get one half price" at Borders.)
Continuing the holiday theme, I see my review of August Heat by Andrea Camilleri has been posted at Euro Crime today. Other Euro Crime reviews can be found here, should you be short of reading recommendations. There are also excellent reviews regularly to be found at the blogs highlighted earlier in this post.
Happy holidays!

9 thoughts on “I think I have just about decided…

  1. Fifteen books and one in your hand luggage! This is either a very long holiday or a very relaxing one. I have three of these on my TBR pile; four more on my to be obtained by fair means or foul; and only one that I have actually read, Cop Killer.
    It has rained all day long in sunny Devon. :o(
    Have a great holiday and a nice rest.

  2. I probably shan’t read them all, Norman, but I feel very insecure without a great deal of books…;-)
    Thanks for your kind wishes – will be in touch when I’m back. I hope the Devon weather improves in the meantime.

  3. What a great selection! And I am glad to see what you are going to put in your hand baggage 😀
    I only brought one to Scotland, and 14 home, but I admit that I would take more with me if I were not going to Britain.
    I hope you are going to have a wonderful time, and I am looking forward to hear about it when you come back.

  4. Looks like you’re going to have a very good time whatever the weather. Bon voyage, Maxine (if you are voyaging, that is :-))

  5. You’ve got some good ones there indeed…I’ve read 4 of your pile and am covetous of several others. I wonder how many additional titles you’ll bring home.

  6. Did you have enough books Maxine? You and I are kindred spirits – I hate the thought of being without a good book – but I don’t think I’ve ever packed 15!

  7. I had to leave two or three behind, Kerrie – but acquired a few while away (and left some over there for future guests). I actually read 16 if you count the plane journeys both ways. Some were pretty short, though.

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