Your invitation to my Twitter evening

  • FSP: "We wish you best of luck with your scientific endeavors, and your anger management, maturity, and ethics issues."


  • Phil Ball on "Why astronomers are twittering"

  • The Great Beyond on "that" cartoon


  • Right, that really is the last straw. "Royal family joins Twitter".


  • Aargh! Now this: "favourite Westminster notion of the moment – Peter Mandelson could be next leader of the Labour Party."


  • At last, some good news. "US box office spellbound by HP and the Half-Blood Prince" — and Bruno nowhere 😉


  • Meghan McCain has spoken. Joe the Plumber is “a dumbass”.


  • I despair. Blogher.. world's biggest group of blogging women … everyone's Twtr question? "What am I going to wear?"


  • This doesn't refer to Nature Publishing Group! "Wikipedia and the NPG Fall Out Over Copyright"


  • Via NYT: "readers pick which articles they want in their magazine and then print it themselves".


  • The FT editor, L. Barber, predicts "almost all" news organisations will be charging for online content within a year.


  • NYT: We Rent Movies, So Why Not Textbooks?

  •   Rob Kitchin: We’re all prosumers now: blogs are a form of what some call prosumption – we help produce what we consume.

  • 'Moon-landing sceptics were referred to as 'loonies', contrary to the Guardian style guide. This has been corrected'

  • Via Sarah W: fascinating essay on Patricia Highsmith's attempt to understand Michael Jackson, ca. 1984:

  • 4 thoughts on “Your invitation to my Twitter evening

    1. Thanks for the invite Maxine…some cool things…but still not compelling ’nuff for me to sign up. The signal to noise ratio still seems a bit high (or I am a grumpy old woman)

    2. You’re becoming an evangelist! I’m very glad.
      Regarding signal to noise: it really depends on whom and how many you follow. You can literally use it to just communicate with a few close friends. You keep your Twitter app open all day as you’re working at your computer, and it’s like having an open line of communication going at all times. As if you were sitting in a room with family watching TV: you don’t have to talk, but every now and again someone does and you can all hear it and ignore or reply at will.

    3. Virtually all of these were from my RSS reader and posted to Twitter by me. Only a couple of them were discovered using Twitter. But as I was running out of steam last night and no time for a post, I thought I’d just post what I’d posted to Twitter in case anyone liked it. I agree, Debra, that Twitter is only good (for me) if I follow very few people. I have Twitter and Friend Feed hooked up togther – for a while I posted to Friend feed which exported to Twitter, but that means that the FF link is on Twitter not the original link, which is annoying for people. So I now do it the other way round – if I post a link to Twitter it also shows up on FF and in both places the link is to the source article.

    4. It is not for me to decide what other people should spend their time on, but I know that if I embark on something new the risk is that I will spend far too much time on it. I am still struggling to keep up a blog & keep in touch with all my newfound friends on the one hand, while keeping some free space every day to write fiction.
      Yesterday was a great day, though. I had a ´starter´ in 291 words, and made it into a complete (though short) short story of 2400 words. A first draft, but still… So no Twitter for me when I am finally getting away from my writing course tendency to write 400-word texts only.

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