Digital photography and Italian lessons

My ex-colleague Oliver Morton recently invited me to join the question-and-answer service Aardvark. It seems like a good idea – Oliver told Aardvark that he trusted my knowledge of detective fiction and science (thanks, Oliver!) and I've signed up via Facebook, but Aardvark seems to be an independent application. I have also invited a few friends to join. (I think you can join my network directly by going here.) I can now ask people questions using keywords, and if anyone asks Aardvark a question using whatever keywords I told it I knew about, people can ask me questions – all via Aardvark-mediated DM (integrated with whatever DM system you currently use, or via email if you don't use DM, or via Twitter). You can limit your Q/A interactions to people in your Aardvark network or widen them to all Aardvark users.

So, I've asked the two questions most pressing on my mind just now, but it occurs to me that I could also ask the same questions here, on my blog, and I might also get some answers! So, here goes:

(1) Does anyone know of a London-based digital photography course for teens over the summer holidays, specifically during the last two weeks of August?

(2) Does anyone know of a nice tutor of Italian, who would teach a teenage beginner interested in studying for a GCSE – say for the next couple of years?