A welcome perspective

Thank you, Dave Knadler, for providing some much-needed perspective on MJ. Here's an excerpt from his post, but do read it all – it is one of those posts which sums up all the craziness in a nutshell.

"When a major celebrity dies, it's bigger than World War II, at least for a day or two. The stars get realigned — literally, because there's one less of them, and figuratively, because big stories have this way of becoming small when something bigger comes down the line. Who cares about Sanford any more? Who cares about Iran? We are talking Michael Jackson here, who has Touched Us All in ways we will still be discovering years from now. Personally, the coverage I've found most poignant is this piece about the time Michael Jackson inadvertantly dropped his sequined glove in the toilet."

See also Dave's RIP for a TV Angel.

The Onion: King of Pop Dead at 12; Michael Jackson dead: what do you think?; and [warning] another story that is a bit tasteless.

And for something completely different and much funnier than the previous Onion stories: Copy Editor's Revenge Takes Form of Unhyphenated Word.

3 thoughts on “A welcome perspective

  1. Who is MJ was my first thought. Then I did remember. We have been shocked by news items these days, however; babies left to die in hot cars in Denmark and Belgium.
    On the whole, I have enjoyed my first holidays in our wonderful garden (sitting in the shade with a good book). The girls´ holidays have also begun, and Elisabeth´s history exam went just perfect. So a bit of washing and packing, and we are off to Edinburgh.

  2. Thanks, Dorte! Well it is (in the main) sunny. Lots of domestic jobs to catch up on as usual (washing – I did six loads of washing this weekened?!?!) but yes, nice to relax a bit and not commute.

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